YES Pick Your Line 2012

By: Sanction  09-12-2011

Very few people can follow DCP’s lines, but the PYL gives you a fighting chance. This is YES.’s true directional board, designed to charge natural terrain weather it’s early season Whistler tree-runs, fluted Alaska faces or Hokkaido pillow lines. The DCP "Pick Your Line" series is exactly what the title represents. It's that one place in that particular moment of time where you want to be on the mountain. It's about creating your own adventure.

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Ride Capo Red 2012

The new 2012 Ride Capo snowboard binding is packed with the latest techs including the new Freestyle ankle strap, Infinity chassis and Eclipse highback for top of the line all mountain freestyle performance. Offering mid-level support and optimal flex, along with the pop enhancing Wedgie™ 2.5 footbeds and grippy 3D ThinGrip™ toe strap for the adventurous next generation Rider.