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By: RDM  09-12-2011

RDM provides Image Cash Letter (ICL) deposit services using its Image & Transactions Management System (ITMS®). With ICL, companies can gather a large number of check images together with associated data into a structured file which can then be transmitted to ITMS to complete a deposit electronically. ICL is ideal for larger companies with the tools in place to pre-process check deposits and generate ICL files.

ICLs take full advantage of the powerful decisioning and reporting features available in RDM’s ITMS certified, secure and trusted platform. All configuration and authentication management for ICL users is centrally managed on the ITMS Platform. The ITMS Platform includes a full reporting suite and sophisticated research tools to review and find information. ICL deposits also take advantage of the ITMS Dynamic Decisioning Portal (DDP) which supports the creation of rules to ensure routing of deposited items to the lowest cost settlement endpoint. The DDP can also be used to mitigate risk with support for Stops, Blocks and the automated upload of Decisioning rules.

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To safeguard user data, RDM engages trusted 3rd parties to conduct regular audits and penetration testing to ensure that our network, applications and processes surpass the stringent standards imposed by our SAS 70 certification. Check Image Searches may be done through a custom branded web interface or by executing calls to a secure web service for absolute control over the user experience.


MICR & Image Quality Control

RDM has a full line of products that address all MICR and image quality control issues, including MICR line signal level, line intrusions, character dimensions, as well as image issues such as legibility and print contrast signal. RDM can provide complete solutions for printers, financial institutions and payment processors to improve MICR document production and processing efficiency.


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With more than 20 years of industry expertise in MICR and Imaging technology, over 200,000 check scanners in use today with less than a 2% return rate, and a standard 2-year warranty on most models, RDM's check scanners offer the performance and reliability at a cost that makes cents.


RDM's solutions provide for the capture and electronic processing of check transactions for both ACH and Check 21. (Alpha Version

Remote Deposit Capture is the commonly used term for electronically depositing checks at a remote location instead of carrying paper checks to a local bank branch. RDM scanners fit perfectly with RDM’s ITMS remote deposit software, but also are certified on virtually all of the industry’s leading applications. RDM manufactures and sells check quality verifiers, check scanning hardware and remote deposit capture software and services.


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RDM also offers RDC solutions for your back office operations including the and as well as check scanners that are supported on a large number of RDC software vendors including the,, and. RDM offers retail merchants a number of solutions to accept checks and other forms of non-cash payments whether it is at the cashier lane or in their back office.