By: Perfect Lube Solutions  02-11-2011
Keywords: Oil, Lubricants, Lube

EngineMaxxLa has been specifically formulated for applications requiring low ash engine oil.
Old, high mileage & high hour equipment.
Two stroke Engines.
Natural gas and propane engines.

Keywords: Lube, Lubricants, Oil, Oil Additives

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By useing this product you will see a big in crease in fuel saves and a easy start up in the cold weather .High cetane nuber fuels start to burn earlier in the compression stroke, and more uniformly, improving the efficiency of engine. Powerfull detergents clean fuel injector ensuring an ideal spray pattern Gen49D prevents corrosion and the formation of rust throughout the entire fuel system.


Presentation of product

If you see the product in use you will be amazed at what it does!!!!!



Reduce downtime and catastrophic failure. Improve fuel economy. Eliminate dry-starts. Extend oil service life. Protect at extreme temperatures. Reduce corrosion. Improve energy efficiency!