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Massage Therapy and Yoga Go Hand in HandMassage before or after yoga can enhance your treatment. Helen Theodosiou has been practicing in the natural health industry since 2002. She began her passion in B.C. at the Dominion Herbal College, then furthered her herbal studies in T.O. at the Living Earth School for additional 3yrs. Helen expanded her knowledge at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. In 2006 she graduated from the Sutherland-Chan as a massage therapist and is registered with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapist of Ontario).  Since then she has practiced in a variety of settings including a multi-disciplinary rehab clinic, as adjunct to Chiropractors, at a gym and clinic among several RMTs. Currently she operates a private practice. Helen believes stopping time with massage can be a genuine healer.Techniques Helen incorporates:                                                                                                               
Fascial release, Swedish techniques, Trigger point release, Manual stretching, Joint mobilization, Rhythmics, Deep tissue, Cupping, Postural education, Therapeutic exercise/stretching and more are incorporated into a massage therapy visit and during the course of your treatment.What Are The Benefits of Massage:                                                                                       
Relieves stress, reduces pain, increases circulation/lymph/blood flow, improves mobility and flexibility, reduces post-surgical and post-injury adhesions and swelling thus speeding the healing process, improves psychological well-being.During a Treatment:                                                                                                     
An initial treatment begins with several questions to determine the client’s level of health. Treatment goals and the areas of the body to be treated will be discussed; also postural assessment or orthopedic testing may be relevant.  Clients are instructed to undress to their comfort level. Clothing on can place limitations on the types of work that a therapist can do. It is of utmost importance that you are comfortable on the table. You will never be expose, you will be draped with a sheet throughout the session and only the body part being worked on is undraped. At any time, clients are encouraged to ask questions.An RMT is covered under many private or group insurance plans. This usually involves the client paying and then submitting a signed receipt. The percentage of reimbursement depends on your insurance plan.From Helen’s several years in practice, she is encouraged to see an increase in physical therapies and complementary health care. She finds her work fulfilling and obtains great satisfaction from being able to help others. In other words, she loves what she does. Helen’s mission is to empower you with knowledge in order to improve the quality of your lifeIf you have any questions or curiousness, please contact Helen. She will be booking at Moksha on Thursdays and various Saturdays. Extending her available times and days by demand.Live, Laugh, Breathe.
Lotus Palm certified Thai Yoga Massage
Practitioner & Teacher
ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF YOGA WITHOUT THE EFFORT!What is Thai Yoga Massage?Enjoy the best of yoga stretches and gentle massage techniques that will leave your mind, body and spirit feeling invigorated, rejuvenated and blissfully tranquil. Sometimes referred to as "yoga for lazy people", the roots of this bodywork date back 2500 years and are based on Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to have been the favorite indulgence of the Buddha and still continues to be part of traditional medicine in Thailand today. In an ambient room, with calming background music, the comfortably clothed client receives this nurturing treatment on a large mat on the floor. It includes yoga stretches, joint mobilization, directed breathing, meditation techniques, massage and acupressure techniques. All these applications help to clear energy blockages, improve blood flow, enhance vitality and induce a deep relaxation response throughout the whole body. Thai Massage also includes a soothing massage of the feet, stomach, hands, face and scalp to complete this nurturing experience.Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga are ''sister-arts" that combine the best of both philosophies to provide a compassionate environment for a personalized experience that is both invigorating and blissfully relaxing. Nicknamed, "Lazy Man's Yoga", it helps to reduce stress, alleviate pain and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

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Keywords: Yoga