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By: Lighting Sciences Canada  09-12-2011

Lighting Sciences Canada has comprehensive photometric testing capabilities which are fully automated. Our facilities include an automated rotating mirror photometer which assures test turn-around of just a few days. Computerized data collection and processing make Lighting Sciences Canada the photometric standard of the industry. The following are a few examples of the range of our photometric test services:Indoor Luminaires

Candlepower tables, luminance, lumens, efficiencies, spacing criteria, paint (diffuse) reflectance, coefficients of utilization and exitance, VCP, isolux, and lighting design tables.

Outdoor Luminaires

Candlepower tables, plane and cone, utilization, cut-off, IES classifications, isoilluminance (in Lux or Footcandle), pavement luminance, isocandelas, and CIE intensity tabulations.

Flashing Luminaires

Flash energy, flash rate, flash duration, effective candlepower.

Testing of nearly every other luminaire type and lamp available!

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A compact battery powered LED flashlight ideal for use by theatre ushers or others who want a discrete but functional light source in darkened conditions. A measurement system for measuring the photopic response and F1' of an unknown photocell using a comparison to a known photocell. A low-wattage compact rainbow projection system.