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By: Life Change Adventures  09-12-2011
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Cedarbrae Running & Reading Club

Due to the limitations of the school gym, we have had to limit the size of the program to approximately 40 kids. This has been a hard decision to make since there are many more kids who would benefit from and love to be part of our Running & Reading Club. This only reinforces the many needs of these kids and that we must continue to find creative ways to help and support them. Who knows if in a couple years we are able to run TWO independent Running & Reading programs at Cedarbrae!

Corrie Ballantyne

As the warm weather has pushed us indoors for most of our events for the next few months, we have had to find some new event ideas! This week we had Nicole, one of our leaders who spent 4 months in India this summer, tell us a bit about her experience and the country itself. 2 of our youth were going to contribute to the evening with their multi-cultural experiences as well however, unfortunately at the last minute could not be with us for the evening. We ended the evening with some samosas from the local Indian store, some group games and socializing. More events like this where we share our cultures/backgrounds are coming up!

-Katelyn Bearinger

Cedarbrae Running & Reading Club

Running & Reading Club is well underway! and I am very excited to tell you that we have a great group of kids and a fantastic group of volunteers this year. Our core group of volunteers continues to grow, with at least 10 returning from last year. Their commitment is what holds this program together, and I cannot thank them enough for all their help.  We also have a significant number of Junior Coaches (high school age) who are very dedicated and showing very promising leadership skills.

Corrie Ballantyne

Katelyn writes…

In October we (Sunnydale Connect) spent 2 evenings on an art project that let us explore our creative sides!

We each created a mask by moulding each youth’s face with plaster and then after it had dried, we decorated with paint, glue, feathers, and more.

We closed our night with an inclusive conversation about building community, the importance of a positive atmosphere at Connect, and how we can create this each week.

A display board at the community centre shows our thoughts on what feels comfortable and what makes us feel uncomfortable.

Together, 23 members of the Ride Team raised over $4,600 ! Way to go Team!!!

LCA riders reached their goals yesterday in the Waterloo Ride for Refuge. Congratulations to each one; gratitude to all sponsors — our $10,000 goal has been reached!  Way to go!!


I have been challenged to write about my current venture. My resistance is high, seeing, experiencing and then digesting requires a couch; communicating requires more than I might be capable of. Who will listen anyway? What can I say?

I pursue an abiding passion to right wrongs, to see justice, to help people navigate through life. Programs, systems, strategies all play a role. But real change comes as individuals encounter one another in ever deepening relationships. People engaging one another.

I sit on the plane with my traveling companions, Bryan and Francis. Byran is a 31 year old accountant, a fellow marked by sincerity and loyalty, Francis, 28, a big hearted engineer. Each desiring to discover their niche and contribution. Our plans will take us to Kenya and then Zambia. Our objective is to learn and discover, and if possible, assist. But what do we know? In a few hours we will land in a world none of us have ever encountered before. The country of Kenya with its varied history has long held an appeal to me.


Today we encountered a truly remarkable school, perched half way up the hillside looking out over a sprawling settlement. This elementary school seeks to provide hope for community transformation. And hope beyond.

Piled one upon another, railway transport cars serve as an adequate home for 140 students. Built on a model of total sustainability, the leadership of this school has established vegetable gardens, a small herd of milking cows, a well to capture methane gas from the cattle manure, water recycling, and a fish pond.

Outside of our car windows, the world simply flows by in an every changing kaleidoscope of life; farmers swinging their hoes into rich red soil, herders following behind mooing, jostling cattle or bounding goats, town markets bubbling with activity, each stall carefully arranged to show its multi-coloured wares, pottery piled pyramid like.

And people – walking, cycling, cavorting, waving, staring, jostling — always people – swinging machetes, balancing loads on their heads, always people – life abounds.

Just a few days ago, we left behind the world of stock markets and uncertainty. Commentators in serious tones relating doom and fear. Fortunes teetering on the verge of collapse, it seemed. But the people who make up my movie reel today know nothing of that world or the uncertainty that can reach into each corner of our lives with a strangling grip. They go about their days as those before; farmers farm land, herders herd goats, mothers nurse newborns, men gather in circles, chatting. Today is today. “Today”, a wise teacher once said, “has enough trouble of its own. Let tomorrow alone, deal with today.”

Today, Jeremy, Bryan Bauman & Francis Bauman are on their way to Kenya Africa. Jeremy is intent on blogging his way through this journey and has promised to email updates regularly to us. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming news!

Through the concentrated efforts of Scott Martin and Joel Martin, along with Dale Horst, approximately half of the needed financial investment for setting up and operating the carpentry workshop has been received. We are very grateful for this good beginning, and we hope that further discussions with interested friends will allow the launch of apprenticeship training.

Jeremy Horne

The 2009 Ride for Refugees is now closed for this year. Life Change riders did an amazing job – riding and raising! Together we had 106 sponsors giving $6,300 – our team finished in 9th place in Waterloo. Congratulations to our top riders – Mary Horne with $1,081 and Geoffrey Nelson with $1,008 – well done and much appreciated. Funds raised will be shared between the refugee programs of International Teams and LCA programs in the Sunnydale Community – Running and Reading and Sunnydale Connect. Those of you who actively volunteer in these programs will know that each dollar will be well invested in the lives of children and youth in this community. We are very grateful for all your support – thank you!

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Keywords: school

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