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By: Kw Foot & Orthotic Clinic  09-12-2011

Knee Braces

Custom fitted knee braces are orthopaedic devices that are specifically made for an individual in order to provide protection and support to the injured knee joint. They are often used in order to address soft tissue injuries (Ligament Braces), correct the bone position, provide stability and limit motion (Osteo Arthritic Braces).
In Our office we provide BREG braces with the latest FUSION technology. These braces are featuring sleek, lightweight frame with ProForm technology which utilizes Zytel polymer that allows a precise, contoured fit. The ProForm technology allows the brace to engage sooner, to resist knee displacement and reduce injury causing movement while keeping the brace solidly in place.

Fusion Knee Braces

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Countered frame padding
  • Easily adjustable straps ensure proper fit
  • Pivot point strap allows for superior comfort during motion

Elbow/Wrist Bracing

Elbow and wrist bracing is utilized in the case of injuries and pre and post-operative care to provide support and immobilization. These braces are utilized for a variety of wrist, elbow, hand and thumb injuries, ranging from sprains, carpal tunel syndrome, tendonitis, hyperextension and arthritic joints. All the wrist braces contain a removable palmar stay for custom fit and adjustability.

Walker Boots and Ankle Bracing

Walker boots are often used as a substitute to traditional cast immobilization. This product is usually utilized in patients that need to weightbear but still require joint immobilization. They are light weight, easy to remove for cleaning and to allow for range of motion exercises.

Ankle bracing is usually done to control inversion and eversion of the ankle. It is usually used in the sports injuries such as ankle sprains or ankle instability.

Custom Made Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Custom AFO is an unique device used to support both ankle and the foot providing maximum control and stability. AFOs are used for treatment of many foot pathologies but mostly they are being utilized in the cases of adult acquired flatfoot secondary to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, drop foot and Charcot’s foot. AFOs can also be used in the support of the foot and ankle as a result of flaccid disorders (polio, radiculopathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) and peroneal muscular atrophy). This particular brace is designed to be very slim allowing for an easier shoe fit. However, in order to have the best fit and support this brace would still have to be used in combination with a stable, lace up shoe .

Spine Bracing

Spine braces are used to address both chronic and acute injuries by providing immobilization and support. We offer BOA spine braces that are designed for comfort and easy use. They are light weight, low profile braces with a breathable air mesh liner. They are designed to allow maximum tightening with minimal exertion and body motion thanks to the unique lacer compression system.

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