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6'x6' Prefab Sauna
Is Shown in Knot-Free Clear Cedar,
With Deluxe Full Window Door

#1 Deluxe Full Window
Sauna Door Is Included

Finnish Prefab Sauna Features..

    Want to use your new hot sauna the same day you get it? Our Finnish Style Prefab Cedar Log Sauna assembles in just several hours with no messy construction!

  • This is a popular prefab sauna - Finnish log style
  • Entirely free-standing, available in 11 sizes
  • Walls are solid 2"x6" T&G Western Red Cedar
  • Solid cedar log design eliminates framing
  • Log sauna dismantles easily for moving
  • This is a true Finnish Sauna from Finlander Pertti
  • No plumbing, floor drain or venting is needed
  • Customizing is easy as we are the sauna factory

    Prefab Log Sauna Includes..

  • Prefab walls are solid 2"x6" tongued and grooved (T&G) Western Red Cedar logs (like Lincoln Logs)
  • Two heavy-duty two-tier prefab benches normally along the longest wall
  • Pre-hung door: you can select hinges on left side or right side as well as window size in the door
  • Prefab heater guard and duckboard slat flooring
  • 240 volt standard sauna heater with built-in controls
  • Light fixture for the inside
  • Built-in air vents to ensure proper air circulation
  • Famous Finnish craftsmanship & quality

Finnish Sauna - Log Style
Prices for Clear Cedar

4'x4' 4 Kw 2 Benches $4,494
4'x5' 4 Kw 2 Benches $4,694
4'x6' 4 Kw 2 Benches $4,794
4'x7' 5 Kw 2 Benches $4,994
4'x8' 5 Kw 2 Benches $5,294
5'x5' 4 Kw 2 Benches $4,794
5'x6' 5 Kw 2 Benches $4,994
5'x7' 5 Kw 2 Benches $5,294
5'x8' 6 Kw 2 Benches $5,594
6'x6' 5 Kw 2 Benches $5,294
6'x7' 6 Kw 2 Benches $5,594
6'x8' 6 Kw 2 Benches $6,194
7'x7' 7.5Kw 2 Benches $5,894
7'x8' 9 Kw 2 Benches $6,994
8'x8' 9 Kw 2 Benches $7,894
We Do Not Collect Sales Tax

Finnish Sauna - Log Style
Prefab Sauna Options

Deluxe Full Window Door $0
Add 1 more L-shape 5' Top Bench   $185
Add 2 more L-shape 6' Benches   $340
Add Side Wall Window 20"x24"   $295
Watch this space for new information.
Sauna pictures and photos are coming soon.

Finnish Sauna Prices..

  • Prefab Log Sauna Prices: Include all the prefab sauna parts as described above.
  • We Do Not Collect Sales Tax
  • FREE SHIPPING on 5'x6' log saunas and larger. Small log sauna sizes 4'x4', 4'x5', 4'x6', 5'x5' are subject to a fuel surcharge of $100 to $175 depending on destination. FREE SHIPPING applies to CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, MT, WY, UT, AZ, NM on log sauna sizes 5'x8', 6'x7' and larger. States AK, HI are quoted separately.

Popular Options for Prefab Log Saunas - Finnish Sauna..

  • We Use Clear Grade Red Cedar. The high quality Premium #1 Grade of Clear Cedar provides a classy, furniture grade look that is simply "elegant."
  • Extra Windows, $295. Optional windows are available. The most popular sauna window is the 20"x24" size. The alternate window size is 24"x36".
  • Digital Electronic Control on Front Wall, $199. The built-in controls on the standard sauna heater can be moved to the outside of the front wall for easier access.
  • Extra Benches Are Optional. Example: Add 2 more L-benches to sauna 6'x7', 6'x8' or 1 extra L-bench to sauna sizes 5'x6', 5'x7' and 5'x8'. Prices are as shown.

Assembly Information for Prefab Log Saunas - Finnish Sauna..

  • Sauna Size Specs: Finished ceiling height is 80". Dimensions shown are approximate outside sizes . Clearance of 2.5" is required above 80" for normal installation. Our factory can make adjustments for reduced clearance if specified. The 80" height can be adjusted only in our sauna factory.
  • Assembly Time: 3 hours, 1 person. Assembly is easier with 2 persons.
  • Skill Level: Low. Construction skills are not needed.
  • Advantages: NO MESSY CONSTRUCTION. Use it the same day.
  • Mobility: Easy to dismantle, move and install again.
  • Tools Needed: Hammer, square, screwdriver, measuring tape.

Rough-in Requirements for Finnish Sauna - Prefab Log Series..

  • A concrete floor or a vinyl floor covering is ideal for the base.
  • Back wall of the prefab sauna should back on to a wall. Small imperfections in the wood are allowed on the outside of the back wall.
  • A certified electrician must do the sauna wiring hook-up.

    Advantages of a Finnish Sauna - Prefab Log Series

  • Use it the same day
  • No cutting required
  • No walls to frame
  • No construction mess
  • Entirely free-standing
  • Easily dismantled
  • Easily moved
  • Quality is Finlandia professional

Why Buy Prefab Sauna Kits From Great Saunas Factory?

1. Our 36 years in sauna building means our trained experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and are happy to share our knowledge of prefab saunas and our sauna building experience with you!
We're here to make this easy for you!
2. You can buy your Finnish Sauna Kits HERE at the sauna factory at low discount prices because we are the manufacturer. The typical savings is 20% to 40%.
3. Our quality is second to none, and you will see the benefit of the innovation that 36 years in the sauna business brings to you when you buy a Finnish sauna kit at Great Saunas!  
Definition of Prefab Sauna Kits: They are also called sauna packages, DIY sauna kits, home sauna kits, sauna packages, as well as sauna kits. All Finnish Sauna Kits from Great Saunas can be used for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot saunas, outdoor saunas and Russian banya saunas. Coming from Great Saunas Factory, no matter what these saunas are called, they are great prefab sauna kits at factory-outlet prices.

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