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By: Gaea  09-12-2011
Keywords: Retaining Walls, logs, Data Management System

Software Developed by GAEA Technologies

Model contaminant transport from multiple sources accurately in two-dimensions.
Minimize the amount of time required to generate standard Environmental reports. 
Pocket WinLoG has revolutionized the way borehole and well data is collected in the field. 
Model contaminant transport from landfills and design barriers using POLLUTEv7.
Rapidly create all types of geotechnical engineering reports.
Subsurface mapping and data management system including WinLoG version 5 and WinFence version 3
Easily create detailed cross-sections and fence diagrams.
Create all types of boring logs, drill logs and well logs quickly and easily.
Enter and print grain size analysis and soil classification charts.

Software Distributed by GAEA Technologies

Analysis and display of aquifer test results.
Bearing capacity and settlement of axially loaded piles.
Finite-element analysis of shallow foundations of any shape, resting on an elastic medium.
Calculates the bearing capacity in four ways and the settlement in two ways of shallow foundations.
Input/output interface for the popular program ELSYM5.
ESdat is used for a variety of applications, particularly contaminated/industrial sites, groundwater investigations, general site environmental management and landfill.
3-D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, calibration and optimization.
A thorough finite element program for the design/analysis of shoring systems using a single input/output screen for quick visualization of the effect of input data variations on the response of the shoring system.
Design and analysis of retaining walls (Cantilever and Gravity). Calculates the stability, bearing capacity, settlement, rotation and structural integrity including reinforcement.
Calculates the elastic and consolidation settlement of shallow foundations.
Soil classification of soils including prediction of engineering soil parameters.
Interactive, analytical model that simulates two-dimensional steady-state and transient ground-water flow.

Keywords: Data Management System, logs, Model Contaminant Transport, Retaining Walls, Shallow Foundations,