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By: Energent  09-12-2011

Setting and managing budgets – particularly with regards to energy – is a complicated activity.

Energent gives you valuable information and expert advice for producing and managing your energy budgets, identifying budget-risk, optimizing your procurement decisions, tracking and reporting use by cost centre and, ultimately, reducing your energy costs.

Set and Manage Your Budgets

Energent helps you set and manage energy budgets for a given budget period, even in the face of fluctuating energy supplies and pricing. Our proprietary modelling engine incorporates many of the different factors driving your energy costs, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information.

Projected consumption levels are regularly updated to reflect changing variables such as modified production or occupancy levels, pricing fluctuations and/or changes in weather projections. The ongoing comparison of predicted consumption levels to the set budget helps you identify budget risk and project gaps in energy supply.

Optimize Your Procurement

By accurately identifying gaps between your predicted consumption and set budgets, Energent helps you purchase just the right amount of energy at best possible price. By accurately monitoring your budget risk, you can avoid over purchasing and over-spending. This helps you reduce the delivered cost of energy for your facility.

Create Accountability through Awareness

Energent reporting is flexible and granular, enabling you to budget, track and report energy use by cost centre. Budgeting and reporting energy use by cost centre motivates those responsible to take action to change inefficient behaviour. Simple behavioural changes typically involve low-or no cost actions (like turning off lights) and can result in significant efficiency gains.

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