Information Security and Operations Scorecard

By: Data Perceptions Inc  05-05-2015
Keywords: Information Security, Risk Mitigation, scorecard

Every organization has finite resources to apply to information security. Understanding areas of risk and the organization's ability to monitor and mitigate risks is the key to developing an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. People looking to compromise the security of an organization look for the easiest or weakest link in the security profile of an organization. A balanced, holistic, and layered approach is required to identify and mitigate risks. Information security is an ongoing series of processes, procedures, and practices working together. The questions facing every organization relevant to information security are: •Where is the organization vulnerable? •How does an organization know what should be done? •How often should it be done? •What should not be done? •Are the resources available? •Does it make sense financially? Data Perceptions has developed a formal approach to helping organizations arrive at the answer to these questions and to provide a roadmap on which to proceed in their risk mitigation effort.

Keywords: Information Security, Mitigation Strategy, Risk Mitigation, scorecard,

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Information Security & Operations Scorecard

Data Perceptions uses a combination of methods to collect the information for the Information Security Report. Information is collected from


Cloud Service Migration

Cloud services offer advantages in scale of operations and specialized expertise. Cloud services are provided by specialized vendors that can reduce costs, reduce business interruption and improve quality. Attaining the desired state requires a one-time migration or transition. Data Perceptions’ large base of cloud service associates and contractors are entrepreneurial team oriented contributors. They are chosen for each project based on skill sets, core values, and cultural fit.


Project Implementation

Project implementation excellence in operational improvement projects is key to enhancing quality products, services, and increasing productivity.

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IT Operations

Data Perceptions IT operations practice can help organizations from small to large build IT operations that provide efficient and reliable service matched to organizational goals.

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IT Infrastructure

Supporting infrastructure should seamlessly support applications. It should provide the necessary cost optimized reliability, security, and performance required by the business. Infrastructure operational practices should align with the strategy of the organization. Successful projects are highly dependent on the skills of the implementation team. Data Perceptions’ large base of infrastructure associates and contractors are entrepreneurial team oriented contributors.

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Applications Development

Application development can fulfill many requirements including: • application integration and customization, • development of custom products and services, and • productionizing in-house developed pilots or proofs of concepts. Most require production ready code that is robust, performance oriented, and follows a full product development life cycle. Custom developed software needs to be designed for ongoing improvements and marketplace change.

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Project Management

Project management is fundamental to keep the team focused on project goals and desired outcomes. Monitoring progress, costs, scope and making project adjustments is vital to effective results. Data Perceptions has experienced project managers with expert business and technology acumen that help projects complete on time and on budget.

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Technology Strategic Planning

Data Perceptions technology strategy services help organizations to identify, evaluate, and develop business opportunities for new or improved operations, products, and services that span the complete cycle of innovation and operational improvement.

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IT Consulting Services

Data Perceptions' consulting services span the innovation and operational improvement cycle including: Technology Strategy, Project Management Office (PMO), Applications, IT Infrastructure, and IT Operations.