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By: Choratech  09-12-2011
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They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, but between our eyes (and ears!) and our more central, "closer-to-the-soul" processes (thought, memory and imagination) are some important brain pathways that can become sluggish and indistinct in the way they represent and transmit information. Our brains then have to work with data that are fuzzy and degraded in quality, making it harder for us to perceive, react, and remember.

A developer of innovative software designed to maximize your brain's potential, Posit Science is known around the world for producing quality products that deliver real results. Partnering with Posit Science, Choratech offers advanced programs that sharpen and clarify the two routes by which most information enters the brain from our surroundings: vision and hearing.


Have you had any close calls on the road lately? Do you feel like you are a step behind when things are happening quickly around you? Do you ever have trouble finding objects in the fridge or on busy store shelves? Vision is a critical component of our ability to function effectively in the world. Over time we can lose the ability to estimate size, speed and distance, to notice and respond to information in the periphery of the visual field, and to react rapidly and smoothly to visual inputs. The InSight program uses five engaging programs containing simple yet effective visual exercises. As you work through the activities, your brain's visual processing skills are challenged in several ways, sharpening your mind's ability to collect and process information. The InSight program will adapt itself to your current visual processing level and enable you to track and respond to visual information like never before!

Brain Fitness Program

If you're like most people, you'll no doubt have noticed that there's an awful lot out there these days to listen to and remember. Perhaps you have more difficulty than you used to hearing accurately what others say, paying attention during conversations, tuning out background noise, and remembering things you've heard recently. Much like InSight, the Brain Fitness Program from Posit Science focuses your mind through a series of interesting and enjoyable exercises. This program uses auditory (hearing) activities to strengthen your brain's ability to process and remember information such as names, dates, telephone numbers, radio programs, lectures, and conversations. It also enables you to focus effectively on auditory information even in noisy and distracting environments, and to track a fast-moving stream of information.  Brain Fitness begins at your current auditory processing level and gradually exercises your mind, sharpening and clarifying your thinking as it goes.

Keywords: brain fitness

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