By: Canadian Radon Testing  09-12-2011
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Pro series 3 continuous Radon detector monitors radon

levels 24/7, with alarm for high radon reading.

plug in model 120v.

Do it yourself - Long-Term Alpha-Track

test kit, price includes Laboratory analysis.

Rated #1 Test kit by a leading national consumer advocacy group !

Short term Radon test 2 - 7 days.

Liquid scintillation vial, easy to use.

For large projects, next day shipping

must be used.  min order 25

E-PERM  Electret Ion chamber Radon test, short term 2 - 7 days.

The most trusted detector in the Industry.

Price Includes laboratory analysis & report.

Note:  This is a rental Radon Test device

and must be returned to our Lab within

14 days after receiving it. 

or additional charges may apply

Keywords: Radon