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By: Brenneman Filing Systems Ltd  09-12-2011

Mobile Storage

With the cost and availability of workplace space at a premium, space utilization is key. Brenneman Filing can provide you with a range of flexible, high-density mobile storage solutions to meet your particular filing needs. Our systems are available in either manual, mechanical-assist or electrically operated styles, depending on the type and weight of media to be stored. Shelving units are mounted onto moving carriages that can more than double the storage capacity of your filing area or free up space for other uses.

Make better use of your space

Mobile shelving offers the highest possible density for storage of files and other media. Mobile systems maximize space utilization by eliminating aisles and compacting several storage cabinets or shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space. An aisle or access to your files is opened up only when and where you need it by easily shifting entire rows of shelving.

Save money by using your existing shelving and storage systems

Your existing shelving or cabinets can easily be adapted into a multitude of mobile systems, allowing you to store the same information in a more secure environment. We can custom build carriages using your existing shelving to match your environment. The carriages are mounted to rails and move easily - maximizing the efficiency of your existing storage areas.

Speed access and retrieval of information

By allowing you to store all your information requirements in one space-efficient area, files and other media are accessible within a few feet of each other. Mobile storage systems allow you to keep files close to those that need them and minimize off-site storage. Productivity increases as the amount of time required for access, filing and retrieval of your information is reduced.

Often called lateral mobiles, this style of storage system utilizes fixed units with either one or two rows floating laterally in front of the fixed unit.

Using push/pull handles and your own body weight, these economical mobiles are an inexpensive way to compact a great amount of material in a small space. Available in track-on-floor or metal decking systems, these units can be adapted to fit virtually any space and any d├ęcor.

Using a chain driven mechanical turn handle, these mobiles can be made from 3' long up to units over 25' long. The mechanical handle drives a wheel on every track.

These systems are available in grout, track-on-floor and full steel decking mobile systems. Let us work with your company to come up with the best product to suit your needs.

These units provide all the benefits of a mechanical assist mobile with the convenience of push button movement.

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