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By: Apollo Photonics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Photonic Integrated Circuit, Optical Waveguide Devices,


Apollo provide s extensive design, modeling and simulation services to help its clients build and enhance their own capabilities. In addition to providing user-friendly, general-purpose CAD software packages, Apollo also offers customized software in design, modeling and simulation to service and help its clients to build and enhance their own design, modeling and simulation capabilities. To take advantage of these services, please contact the Design Center! The company's expertise in custom services encompasses the following areas:Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Designs. The direction of photonics is toward integration of more devices on a single chip. Apollo has designed single photonic integrated chips with an increasing number of devices. Companies can quickly optimize and create more complex PICs using Apollo Design Services.Specialized Designs of integrating active and passive photonic devices. The integration of active and passive devices on the same chip requires unique experience and tools to accurately reflect the interaction of the passive and active devices. Apollo can provide complete designs and simulations for these complex devices before fabrication.Parameter extraction of complex laser from measurement results. Many devices are fabricated without exact knowledge of their sub-micron characteristics. Using Apollo Parameter Extraction Services, design fabricators and designers can be more confident in their technology process and identify problems quicker.Advanced numerical method. Apollo is pioneer in photonic simulation tools, and always at the edge of this technology. Based on the structure and application, knowledgeable R&D team at Apollo assists designer in photonic industry to combine advanced numerical methods to achieve accurate and fast analysis in their design process. Some of the companies who used Apollo design center in the last few years:
  • Fujitsu Lab (Japan)
  • Little Optics (USA)
  • Intel (USA)
  • TRW (USA)
  • Turin Networks (USA)
  • Luxcore Networks (USA)

Some topics of the design services are:
  • Index Coupled Distributed Feedback Diode Laser
  • Magneto-Optical Disk Simulator
  • EA modulator
  • Simulation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  • Wavelength Convertor based on Semiconductor Optical waveguide devices
  • Polarization rotator optical waveguide device
  • Design of Spot size converter
  • Comb generator using SOA and AWG
  • Combination of Diffraction theory and FDTD
  • Simulation method based on Gaussian Beam propagation and BPM

To explore how Apollo expertise can help you in your design process or for any special need on Photonic CAD, please contact .

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Keywords: Optical Waveguide Devices, Photonic Integrated Circuit,

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