By: A.m.i. Telecom  09-12-2011
Keywords: Digital Circuits

AurorAworks with each client on an individual basis. We tailor to meet clients' needs and expectations, rather than simply offering "off-the-rack" services without the possibility of customization to your situation.

Local Access Management

AurorA arranges, implements and manages all Canadian domestic local access services. Our clients are provided the flexibility to make their own local access arrangements if desired.

Switched Services

AurorA is your source for International 1-800 Toll-free services (ITFS) and Universal International Free Phone (UIFN),that allows for one universal toll-free number from around the world to the clients' primary location.

Digital Circuits

AurorA wholesales dedicated digital circuits using the most extensive and reliable global networks available in the international market.

AurorA also provides full service management for pre-order planning, the best wholesale pricing, international match circuit-cordination, turn-up and test procedures, and ongoing single contact maintenance.

Keywords: Digital Circuits