By: J D Trailer Protection  09-12-2011
Keywords: snow removal

As snow accumulates on flatbed trucks, so do fuel costs, liability risks and headaches. The Flatbed Snow Removal System is a fast and efficient solution for the removal of snow build-up.


The system is controlled from the operator’s station, a waterproof enclosure bolted solidly into the system’s steel frame. Ideal for use indoors or out, the enclosure houses an electrical transformer and a motor (either electric or hydraulic-driven) which raises and lowers the bracket-mounted plough on a spring system.

The Flatbed Snow Removal System has two adjustable verticals, fitted with gussets to help support them against the force of the snow. Other features include a chute and a retaining wall constructed of steel or steel-reinforced plastic.

The plough itself is made of ¼-inch steel, formed into either a “V” or a “C” shape and fitted with a protective rubber strip and easily replaceable polyethylene insert. When not in use, the plough rests in an upright position, allowing flatbeds to pull in and out of the unit safely.

The plough stroke has varying rotations and height capabilities, allowing it to be custom set for each individual trailer. The system can be raised and lowered manually or with the photo eye. It can also operate as a fully automatic unit when equipped with a scanner and bar code reader.

Keywords: snow removal

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Is normally in the verticle position once the trailer has entered the unit the driver can lower the system onto the flatbed by looking into a mirror for plow placement. Can be operated manual or by remote control allowing the driver to stay in the cab of the truck and be able to operated the system by key phobe.


POLAR B-AIR SYSTEM | Cyclone Works Inc

Truck and bus operators are embracing the Polar B-Air System, a revolutionary touch-free solution that makes rooftop snow removal as easy as driving through a car wash. Heat is sent to the blower motors through vertical uprights and distributed through all of the motors equally. When a vehicle approaches the Polar B-Air, it is located by a photo eye which activates the cleaning process.


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Improves road safety, reduces liabilityIncreases productivity and lowers labour costsDecreases fuel costsMinimizes overweight chargesMay lower insurance premiumsOffers hassle-free compliance with snow removal laws and regulationsEnhances your corporate image for the traveling public. No Manpower - No Electrical - No Hydraulics. Optimal Safety & Compliance for Your Fleet.