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By: Grasp Systems International  09-12-2011


Determining the impacts from changes in practice is one of the most difficult tasks when implementing new processes and technologies. Budgeting upfront cost might be straightforward, but what about the true costs? Will this change save money in the end? Is there a way to determine the results of these changes before the project is started?


Simulation Based Rapid Prototyping! GRASP Systems has teamed up with Dr. Thomas R. Clancy, University of Minnesota School of Nursing, to bring you this exciting new solution!

How does it work?

The current practice in question is broken down and defined by its interventions. GRASP Systems data is used to apply time and frequency to each of these interventions. The combination of data becomes the base for development of the current practice computation model. Once built, the model is executed and simulation results become benchmarks.

The same process is repeated to define the new practice and develop a second computation model. Once built, Rapid Prototyping techniques are applied to identify and eliminate process inefficiencies. The model is executed.

Results from both computation models are compared to determine the pros and cons of making the practice change.

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