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By: 5d Media & Design  09-12-2011
Keywords: Website Design, Print Materials

Branding & Logos Who am I?

No matter what medium, all marketing should simply come out of WHO you are and WHAT you are doing. Identity is the starting point and Strategy is the plan of attack; then and only then can the creative branding fun begin!


WEBSITE DESIGN Curb-side Appeal

Can anyone afford to not be on the web? Regardless of the type of media, browser or device used, the web is still the digital-business-district. Your website is your digital "storefront", so keep your storefront fresh, inviting and relevant. How else will you bring in the "window shoppers"?


Print Materials are the ever present communication tool that is still pervasive in this digital age. Quality print materials allow for a more fixed and tangible connection. We design Print materials that fall in line with design themes and point directed to their digital counterpoints.

Graphic Design Hey Good lookin'

Everyone loves eye-candy. Everyone (everyone who has a brain and is blessed with eye-sight). Don't let your audience down. The graphic presentation challenge in a nutshell: Represent your uniqueness while appealing to defined set of minds. Graphic design is probably one of the most challenging and exciting areas of design. (caution: 50% of your friends are photographers, the other 50% will design your logo)


Keeping your website updated is essential to stay relevant. Nothing screams "CLOSED-FOR-BUSINESS" like an outdated site with outdated information. We enable clients to control their content and ultimately stay in control of their business. (unlike the many "nephews who can make a web-page" only to disappear into deep family rifts)

METRICS ROI? Who cares?

Measuring your media's reach is essential to making informed business decisions. 5D ASKS: What forms of media are having impact? How does your audience communicate and what are they responding to? How are users using your product? Taking time to time measure the value of your investments will keep us all on track.

Video & AUDIO Pass the popcorn

Multimedia = Powerful Asset. Genuine content is what sets apart the best websites and presentations. Content is King and video-audio are the king of content. With a video on your front page, you can further control your presentation and guide your visitor's attention.

Keywords: Print Materials, Website Design

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