Separation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements

By: PELLAR FAMILY LAW   06-10-2016
Keywords: Divorce, Cohabitation Agreements, Early Neutral Consultations for couples

Separation and Divorce is upsetting as it is already. There is no need to make it any worse by a battle through the courts. If you are still civil with each other, attending an Early Neutral Consultation will provide you and your spouse with the same information at the same time thereby enabling you to communicate knowledgeably and come to an agreement without going through the courts and incurring hefty legal fees. Consider also, using the Collaborative Process to ensure that your separation/divorce remains respectful and reasonable with the added benefit of a quick resolution and lower legal fees. Rose Pellar provides Early Neutral Consultations and she can assist you resolve your family law issues through the Collaborative Process or by way of negotiated settlements.

Keywords: Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce, Early Neutral Consultations for couples, Marraige Contracts,