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By: Paushar Farms  09-12-2011
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Paushar Farms is a private stable, offering both private and semi-private instruction sessions. We specialize in beginner, novice and fear-sensitive instruction for all age groups.

Our clients don't feel the pressure of having to learn and perform in large groups or having a lot of horses in the arena, which allows for relaxed/comfortable training sessions.

Riding Instruction

We offer Western or English sessions and may include bareback lessons. Knowing that each student has different needs and desires, when working with horses, our sessions are tailored to meet those needs, allowing for the best possible results. General beginner instruction builds knowledge of the horse and includes:

  • Safety in the stable and around horses
  • Stable etiquette
  • Horse grooming and maintenance
  • Aquiring the horse and preparing him to ride

As each student progresses, we continue to introduce new aspects of horsemanship and riding instruction. Sessions can include long line work, lunge line work, trail riding, introduction to barrels, and much more.


Horsemanship instruction includes ground work, saddle work, equine communication skills, and an understanding of the "natural" way to communicate with a horse. We also offer specialized training in behaviour modification and colt starting/guidance, which also includes bit and saddle fitting.

Here at Paushar farms we are dedicated to helping the human race understand the equine race and to that end we make each session a fun and rewarding learning experience. We provide short "homework" assignment pages for our young students, to help them visulaize what they learned in each session. These assignments are fun and game-like, so the students enjoy doing them and benefit from the positive re-enforcement they provide.

Session Scheduling & Pricing

We work with you to schedule sessions that will fit in with your family's busy lifestyle and ensure a relaxed learning environment.

Private or Semi-Private Sessions are Available:

  • Youth - Age 5 to 12 - $20.00
  • Adult - Age 13 and older - $25.00
  • Youth 4 week package rate - Four sessions $75.00
  • Adult 4 week package rate - Four sessions $90.00
  • First visit/session - Meet and greet the horses and lesson breakdown is at no charge.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length, but can take more than an hour, depending on the lesson topic and the student's level of understanding.

Session Requirements & Suggestions

  • Good quality riding boots or any solid toed boot with a good solid heel that is a minimum of 1/2 inch thick
  • Riding tights or a good pair of comfortable jeans
  • Light comfortable riding gloves are handy
  • Students with long hair should have it pulled back from the face to allow the student full view of the instructor
  • Riding helmets are required for clients 18 years and under, helmets are available if needed
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Keywords: Horsemanship, Horses, Semi-private Instruction