By: Green Achers Of Wabigoon  09-12-2011
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Bird-friendly (or shade grown) coffees are grown in jungle environments. The coffee bushes are grown under a shade canopy that is made up of a variety of trees and there are often companion plantings of tropical fruit trees. This means the plantations can support great local and migrating bird populations.


These coffees are also certified organic. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used.

All our Bird-Friendly coffees are also certified under the Fair-trade Standard. This means that the farmers receive better than market returns for their coffee and support from the Fair-trade organizations.

The Fair Trade Difference: Better Communities, Safer Environment, Higher Quality Coffee

By taking responsibility today for the products we consume, we are helping to guarantee a better tomorrow. Coffee should never cause children not to be educated, families to be displaced, or consumers or workers to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. And now whenever you make a purchase from Pappy's Cafe theyand we don’t have to!

No, Pappy's Cafe  can’t change the world overnight and it probably would be a waste of time hoping for the corporations to become more responsible like us. But, by making sure to only support products and services created through fair trade practices (notice we did not say “free trade”!), we can make the world a better, brighter, and safer place: Just one cup of just coffee at a time!

Keywords: Coffee