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By: Gem Craft Chemical  09-12-2011

Another key element to Gem Craft Chemical’s success has been our capability to service any of customer’s equipment, facility and technical requirements. These services are essential because they ensure minimal production interruptions while optimizing manufacturing throughput.

Equipment and Facilities:

  • Repairs to aqueous and vapour degreasers, stills and other peripheral equipment
  • Design and implement equipment upgrades
  • Equipment "cleanout" services 
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Design and implement site modifications for various facility restrictions (such as venting, electrical etc.)

Consulting Services:

  • Design and implement complete equipment solutions
  • Detailed cleaning process analysis, contamination and substrate compatibility testing
  • Perform tasks to comply to government and environmental issues
  • Complete PSR services

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Gem Craft Chemical - product

Is an azeotrope designed to replace CFC's, TRI 1, 1, 1, HCFC141b, for general and precision cleaning, drying and defluxing applications. Usage restrictions apply in various provinces.