By: Donnavan Baugh  09-12-2011
Keywords: Storage Area Network, Storage Consultants

  • Storage Area Network Architects

    The greatest issue facing many SAN infrastructures today is a dated or poor architectural design.  From our experience the customer is usually sinking in a SAN which can no longer handle the capacity or performance needs for which it was designed.  Future proofing  your infrastructure with a good and flexible design is the answer.  Remember at the heart of your SAN is your Fabric..sound solutions exist from Brocade to Cisco let us show you how!

  • Storage Consultants

    Too often today the Storage Consultant is affiliated with a specific vendor so you end up going down a road which really satisfies the vendors or vendor partnership. Our Storage consultants have exposure to all the major players so your solution does not have to depend on any one or anything but your business need. Ask about our 30 Day System  Assessment!

  • HA (High Availability) Consultants

    Too many companies do not understand what HA means until it is too late.  Ask yourself , if your company data center was to meet with an natural or unfortunate disaster what  would you tell your shareholders and employees the following day. With proper HA (High Availability) you would be able to say, simply , business as usual! With proper MAN and WAN solutions to fit your budget and enterprise ..ask us how we can get HA working for your enterprise.

  • DR (Disaster Recover) Consultants

    Here we go again! A virus has destroyed 3 critical accounting databases and one server is not coming online at all. What to do?  From VMware to Netbackup there is a solution to every problem. Let us show you how.

  • 30 Day System Assessment

    The 30 Day Evaluation is a service provided by Donnavan Baugh Inc. whereby on your companies request and sign-off one of our experts with work with your engineers looking for root causes to your most urgent issues.  Our analysis will then create a report with recommendations. The 30 Day Evaluation  report will include; a list of issues, recommendations and recommended processes/policies which may be required to maintain optimal performance once any changes are made. While we have Architects and Engineers who are prepared to assist with next steps ..the goal of the 30 Day Evaluation is to give your enterprise a vendor free and unbiased performance appraisal.

  • Validation Engineering

    So you just spent one million dollars on a new Archiving system to help reduce the amount of data in your enterprise and curb data explosion.  Does it really work? If you have a nervous smile on your face at this point  we understand.  Validation Engineering is a service offered by Donnavan Baugh Inc. We will ensure that what you bought does what it is suppose to do by stress testing and working with your vendors to identify short-comings. Let us be there for your..after all your system administrators have their job to do!

  • Free Consultations

  • Keywords: Storage Area Network, Storage Consultants