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By: Upstream Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: management solutions, Performance Management, Performance Management Solutions

Upstream Works provides solutions based on our contact center automation and customer analytics technologies. Our offerings are based on the philosophy that customer care directly affects the bottom line.

Upstream Works’ family of desktop solutions automates agent desktops and workflows based on the customer’s prior experiences and current needs.

Our Contact Sentry technology captures what the customer experiences and does, automatically, as it happens. Business Interaction Manager includes tools for everyone from agents and supervisors, to analysts and executives.

We provide the overall context for every interaction – the much sought after big picture that allows you to make the center more efficient operationally, and more effective as an engine of corporate revenue growth and customer retention.

As contact centers evolve over time and through acquisitions, incompatible technology from multiple vendors makes it increasingly difficult to add advanced functionality. Upstream Works can bring the advanced functions of a technology refresh to your current environment.

Upstream Works’ First Contact Resolution solutions automatically capture whether the customer actually calls back for the same issue. These solutions are based on our revolutionary Contact Sentry technology to track every contact, and measure FCR in real time.

Upstream Works can make multiple sites act as one for customer care, even if the sites employ different vendor or hosted technology. We maintain the customer contact as a single entity for automation and analytics, regardless of transfers.

Our Performance Management solutions add the dimensions of call reason and FCR, so your agents can be coached and trained on how they resolve specific types of calls.

Our adaptable technology has been used by our customers for a wide range of specialized solutions. Contact us to discuss your solution requirements.

Keywords: management solutions, Performance Management, Performance Management Solutions

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Performance Management | Upstream Works

They integrate with virtually any call recording system, so you can select calls for quality monitoring based on a combination of agent performance criteria (FCR, AHT, transfers) and call reason. Business Interaction Manager measures agent performance by call reason, and ACD skills to identify training and compliance gaps that lead to repeat calls and long handle time.


Business Interaction Management | Upstream Works

Business Interaction Management gives you the window into information you can use right up and down your organization – providing actionable KPIs to your executives, helping supervisors to improve agent performance, and empowering agents to improve personalized service. Plus, you’ve got mountains of siloed data that represent three divergent points of view: the customer’s, the agent’s and the more neutral device or technology viewpoint.


Analytics | Upstream Works - First Call Resolution

The alternative has been dashboard tools that dress up the same old contact center efficiency statistics, without providing any analytic insight into the relationship between contact center actions and customer outcome. For the contact center, this means gaining insight into customer and agent behavior, and using it to reduce costs and increase revenue through increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Agent Desktop | Upstream Works

Though ROI is easily justified based on agent handle time reductions alone, the customer history and knowledge tools support First Contact Resolution to reduce the total number of calls. Upstream Works’ UpStart Interaction Hub for Agents automates multiapplication agent desktops and workflows based on the customer’s prior experiences and current needs.