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By: Upstream Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: Performance Management

The Problem

Organizations seeking to gain a differentiable advantage are considering analytics. The promise of analytics is to generate “actionable insight from data”. For the contact center, this means gaining insight into customer and agent behavior, and using it to reduce costs and increase revenue through increased sales and customer satisfaction. And, since the contact center touches more customers than almost any other part of the company, valuable intelligence for the rest of the organization is gathered on every contact.

Yet analytic initiatives in the contact center have rarely met this promise. The sheer number of systems involved combined with the poor quality of the data sources have, up to now, required very difficult, very expensive business intelligence engagements. The alternative has been dashboard tools that dress up the same old contact center efficiency statistics, without providing any analytic insight into the relationship between contact center actions and customer outcome.

The Solution

At Upstream Works, we have taken a revolutionary approach to contact center analytics. Our Contact Sentry technology captures what the customer experiences and does, automatically, as it happens. This customer journey is correlated to agent actions, touchpoint activities and to business outcomes for immediate analysis by Business Interaction Manager. And since this customer care information is vital to all, the Business Interaction Manager analytic and performance management family includes tools for everyone from agents and supervisors, to analysts and executives.

Benefit Highlights

  • High value, best practices analytics out of the box, including FCR, survey analysis, and agent solve rate
  • Capture 100% of interactions, on all channels
  • Customer, agent and touchpoint views for every interaction
  • Real time data capture eliminates data delays
  • Very quick to deploy – no business intelligence project required
  • Rich data mart can be used with organization’s existing tools, or imported into the corporate data warehouse

Keywords: Performance Management

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They integrate with virtually any call recording system, so you can select calls for quality monitoring based on a combination of agent performance criteria (FCR, AHT, transfers) and call reason. Business Interaction Manager measures agent performance by call reason, and ACD skills to identify training and compliance gaps that lead to repeat calls and long handle time.


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As contact centers evolve over time and through acquisitions, incompatible technology from multiple vendors makes it increasingly difficult to add advanced functionality. Our Performance Management solutions add the dimensions of call reason and FCR, so your agents can be coached and trained on how they resolve specific types of calls.


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Business Interaction Management gives you the window into information you can use right up and down your organization – providing actionable KPIs to your executives, helping supervisors to improve agent performance, and empowering agents to improve personalized service. Plus, you’ve got mountains of siloed data that represent three divergent points of view: the customer’s, the agent’s and the more neutral device or technology viewpoint.


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Though ROI is easily justified based on agent handle time reductions alone, the customer history and knowledge tools support First Contact Resolution to reduce the total number of calls. Upstream Works’ UpStart Interaction Hub for Agents automates multiapplication agent desktops and workflows based on the customer’s prior experiences and current needs.