Solution Labs - Performance Surveyor

By: Solution Labs  09-12-2011

Performance Surveyor is a web-based, flexible, fully automatable performance analysis, and capacity planning and reporting solution. Performance Surveyor delivers significant and immediate value and return on investment even to customers who have implemented other Performance and Capacity Data collection solutions.

Performance Surveyor’s agent-less, federated data access architecture ensures it can it be installed, fully operational, and delivering value in a matter of minutes. Operational costs are further minimized with its open, flexible and extensible architecture and completely automated analysis and reporting capabilities.

Capacity Management – the old way

Before Performance Surveyor, customers would manually extract performance and capacity data from their performance solution, and then import it into a separate, general-purpose analytics solution. They would then have to separately manually import other metrics into that general-purpose analytics solution. Then they would have to manually align the disparate datasets (e.g. time alignment, etc.) Finally, they would have to do the analysis (manually), and then extract the results (manually) into a graphing tool (for example Microsoft Excel). If they are feeling especially adventuresome, they might begin to write a custom set of programs or scripts to attempt to automate some of these cumbersome, and time consuming, manual steps.

Is it any wonder that, until now, most customers don’t bother? More than anything else, this cumbersome, time consuming and highly manual process has hindered the discipline of Capacity Management from being leveraged more highly by the business. It quite simply wasn’t possible to realize the true benefits of capacity management across all of your infrastructure and all your applications, in a way that mattered to the business. Even if you had the money and expertise, there was simply never enough TIME!

Performance Surveyor - more, better, and faster value from Capacity Management

With Performance Surveyor, it now is possible to fully automate higher-value analysis and reporting, across more of your infrastructure and applications, using less time and scarce staff resources.