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By: Snoring Toronto  09-12-2011
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If you or someone you know has a problem with snoring Toronto area dentist Dr. Goodfellow can help. And the type of help is probably in more ways than you imagine right now. Sure, everyone knows that when snoring Toronto sleeping partners are often affected more than the person doing the snoring. Even though the person snoring may not be kept awake a potion of the night, a loss of sleep can still occur. In fact, snoring can be a sign that other medical conditions are present. A snoring clinic can help.

Those who do it should always be encouraged to ask the advice of a doctor or other medical professional. It is important to get checked for other health conditions that could be causing the snoring. If a person often wakes up gasping or choking, it can be very dangerous and should be investigated.

Snoring Toronto sleeping partners have to put up with can happen due to various issues of one type of another. It happens to some people due to the way their mouths are naturally shaped. Allergies, being overweight or other sinus issues can also cause it. A dangerous condition that can cause it is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

When someone stops breathing, for short periods while sleeping, it is called apnea. Several breaths are usually skipped during each episode and it happens often while they are sleeping. It is usually the most troublesome reason for snoring.

Apnea can cause serious problems with sleep deprivation that can result in daytime sleepiness and trouble concentrating. There is a chronic form that nearly always needs medical intervention to prevent the oxygen deprivation. Both men and the elderly tend to be more apt to develop sleep apnea than other groups.

Some basic treatments just entail making some easy lifestyle changes but treatment is sometimes necessary. Visiting a sleep clinic can usually help provide an accurate diagnosis. These places watch you while you are sleeping to get to the root of your problem.

Snoring has also been known to occur due to dental problems. Treatments for this may mean you need some dental procedures or have to wear a dental appliance of some type. This is what Dr. Goodfellow does for people who want to stop snoring.

Some people may find that they need to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. It forces the airway to be unobstructed by using pressurized air that is pushed into the throat. Such devices only help when someone is inhaling though there is another that can help with exhaling, as well. The second type is only used for very severe cases.

If you know someone that snores, or have been told that you do, it is important to see a doctor. Discover what is causing it and getting proper treatment can help you sleep normally and alleviate some other medical issues. All it may require is a night or two of being observed in a snoring clinic to find out what is causing your problem.

To stop snoring Toronto residents have been getting a custom mouth guard for years. Many consider this the simplest solution. And some studies show the success rate is 95%.

Dr. Goodfellow holds the following degree related to sleep apnea and snoring: Diplomate Academy of clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.

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Keywords: Sleep Apnea, sleeping, Snoring

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