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By: Proto3000  09-12-2011
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Proto3000 offers a range of 3D Engineering Services to cater to your various product development applications. Our 3D Engineering Services are carried out in a time sensitive and customer service orientated manor. Proto3000 strives to deliver quality results and assist with the application of 3D technology to improve your business processes.

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3D Engineering Services 

Proto3000 offers a range of 3D Engineering services designed to deliver technological solutions to product development and analysis. Our services are integrated with high quality products and services that ensure a competitive advantage regardless of industry. Our featured technology is selected based on performance and relativity to today's needs. We choose only the newest and most efficient forms of 3D engineering tools to ensure our clients obtain the highest grade of  resources available. Our 3D engineering services include the following:

PolyJet Matrix Technology

Polyjet Matrix technology is a complete 3D printing solution for almost every rapid prototyping application. With multimaterial capabilities, it is possible to create rapid prototypes closer in function to final design. This means a greater aniticipation for mechanical failures or design flaws.

Stereolithography (SLA)

This additive manufacturing solution for rapid prototyping can be applied to various industries A solid free-form fabrication machine allows for a prototype to be made in a relatively short-time, yet strong enough to handle machining applications. SLA prototypes can be used as master patterns for injection moulding, thermoflowing, blow molding, and metal casting.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

The selective laser sintering technique is a rapid prototyping process that utilizes the power of laser technology to fuse small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass to form the desired 3-dimensional prototype. The SLS technique allows for high productivity and an array of potential materials to choose from to create a durable part.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Another additive manufacturing process, the FDM process ensures a workable CAD model, and the corresponding rapid prototype. Using plastic as a base, a nozzel distributes material evenly over a set plane to produce the prototype. Time and cost efficiency is the basis for this technology. 

When selecting any form of service that Proto3000 has to offer, you will have an engineering consultant at your disposal to assist in making a decision that provides the best possible solution. Proto3000 believes in delivering quality service to promote long term growth for all of our clients. If you are in the market for rapid prototyping or 3D printing solutions, but are vaguely familiar with the 3D technology, feel free to contact us at any point. We are committed to expanding the knowledge of this technology.

Polyjet Matrix technology is a proven asset in the rapid prototyping industry. With the speed and quality unmatched by many of the competitors, this form of rapid prototyping allows for various applications. Multi-material capabilities make the potential for printed parts limited by only the CAD software itself. With workable and moveable parts, a 3D printed rapid prototype provides an advantage in any product development industry. 

Proto3000 offers a range of 3D Laser Scanners and compatible software to assist in product development and inspection. Our 3D Laser Scanners are suited for a variety of industries, for the purpose of reverse engineering, metrology, cmm inspection, and surface reconstruction. 

A 3D CAD model is the starting point of any product development endeavor. Proto3000 has the engineering tools necessary to post process your design, allowing you to furthur yourself in the product development process. A post processed CAD model permits the ability of rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and reverse engineering. These post processed CAD models are a neccessary component in many industries including manufacturing, automotive, and consumer products

Proper CMM measurement and inspection can be the difference between a flawless design and a recall nightmare. Whether producing existing products, or developing new ones, frequent and scheduled inspection procedures would create a culture of practices beneficial to your company name and product reputation. In a value driven and quality focused economy, consumer spending habits are focused on purchasing products that are of the highest grade. Simple and minor infractions in design or functionability can lead to very big problems later on in the development cycle. 

The next great product idea could be yours! Here at Proto3000 we want to help you get there. Even with conceptualization beginning to take form, our team of product developers will assist in the design and prototyping process, so your new product idea could soon become a reality. Proto3000 has the resources you need to get your product from paper to production. Our experienced staff are here to assist, and colaborate, so when your product does reach the shelves, it is free of design flaws, and costly malfunctions. Proto3000 will assist in all stages of the product development cycle, including rapid prototyping and inspection. 

Proto3000 offers these full range of services. If you are interested feel free to call us to recieve a quote and more information. Our services:

We serve many innovative industry applications including:

Alternative Green Fuel concept development , Construction mold design, Landscape sculpture scanning, LED lighting device designs, LED device assembly simulation, Energy saving LED devices, Design devices with LED lights, Chemical Processing plant 3D layout, Electronics and Electronic component design, Energy Plants 3D layout design, Adult Toys, Adult devices,Food Preparation and automation 3D engineering design, Office furniture prototyping, Virtual cockpit simulation, Interior scanning of military vehicles for simulation applications, Military equipment and harnesses, Medical facial and limb 3D Laser scanning, Medical equipment, Medical design devices, Surgical Device Designs, Innovative Surgical devices, Surgeon Medical Devices, Entertainment equipment, Food packaging, Unmanned air vehicles (UAV’s), Forensic analysis, Forensic investigation, Forensic object 3D Capture, Fitness Equipment development, Forestry equipment design, Housings and enclosures, Fluid Control analysis and quality inspection, Green Energy concept development and design, Industrial machinery design, Invention development, Irrigation Equipment design and testing, Life Sciences educational prototypes, MRI and Cancer detection equipment design and prototyping, Lasers equipment , Medical devices and equipment engineering design, Military gear testing and prototyping, Pharmaceutical packaging design and prototyping, Athletic footwear 3D design, Security camera manufacturing design, Maquette scanning, Business phone handset design and development, Toy design, Educational devices and prototyping, Pet training design systems, Hybrid Technology 3D Engineering and Rapid Prototyping, 3D Engineering product design cost effective solutions and much, much more..

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Other products and services from Proto3000


3D Engineering Services, CAD Engineering, 3D CAD Services, Toronto and Montreal Canada

Once your product concept development is complete, Proto3000 has the engineering design tools to create an accurate 3D CAD Model with cost effective solutions for your product development, prototyping and manufacturing needs. Mechanical 3D models can be changed at any time during the design process at a minimal cost, and we offer a free 3D Viewer at no cost to you.


Fused Deposition Modeling, FDM, Rapid Prototyping, Cost effective prototype testing, Rapid Prototyping services

Dimensional Tolerances: ABS models maintain tolerances of +/- .005" for the first inch, and +/- 0.002" for each additional inch. In the z height, standard tolerances of +/- 0.010" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter. FDM Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers can be built in three options fine, standard, and rough draft. Normally 1-3 business days depending on the capacity of the printers when we receive payment.


Selective Laser Sintering, SLS Rapid Prototyping, Laser curing rapid manufacturing, layer by layer rapid metal prototyping, SLS s

Selective Laser Sintering is an additive rapid manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, metal, or ceramic powders into a mass representing a desired 3D object, by scanning cross-sections generated from a 3D digital description.


Stereolithography, SLA Prototyping, Stereolithography services, SLA Prototypes

Stereolithography is an additive fabrication process utilizing a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer "resin" and a UV laser to build parts a layer at a time. The laser beam traces a part cross-section pattern on the surface of the liquid resin.


3D Laser Scanning Services, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D scanning, Inspection 3D Scanning Specialists

This process will enable you a complete digital representation of your part to be used for your reverse engineering efforts, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle. Proto3000 offers 3D Laser Scanning Services for those one time projects that need digitizing. The process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided model. How can 3D Laser Scanning help out the project.


Rapid Prototyping Services, Prototyping Services, Assistance with prototyping, Same day Prototyping

Slimilar to polyjet matrix printing, stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process that using the combination of resin and a UV laser to build prototypes one layer at a time. Arguably one of the best technologies for most rapid prototyping needs, the wide array of materials allows for flexible, interactive parts closest to the finished product.