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By: Logitestsolar  09-12-2011
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Is the price set by OPA guaranteed over a 20-year term connection agreement?

Why would the government pay such a high price for electricity?

How often will I receive payments from OPA?

Your payments will be received by mail through you Local Distribution Company (i.e Power Stream, Hydro One) with you electricity bill. The frequency of the payments depends on the frequency of your bill.

Will my property taxes go up if I install solar PV project on my property?

Are there any tax breaks associated with Feed-In Tariff projects?

Generally, costs associated with the purchase and installation of renewable energy property are considered as capital costs of depreciable property, which are deducted over a period of several years, based on a prescribed percentage. This deduction is referred to as capital cost allowance (CCA).

Is there a penalty if I decide I no longer want to participate in the microFIT Program?

Are there any other fees or registrations that need to be paid separately?

Logitest Solar provides turn-key solution for our clients. The price includes the cost of material, connection and installation of the system as well as fees associated with registration process. However if you have to reinforce or repair the roof, these costs are not included in our price packages.

What kind of time is reasonable from application to completion of a project?

The registration with OPA (Ontario Power Authority) and LDC (Local Distribution Company) usually takes from 3 months to 6 months on average. City permits take from 2 weeks up to a month to obtain. As for the installation itself, it can be done anywhere from 3 days to a week depending on the size of the residential project.

Is there a warranty on your products?

Will you provide written confirmation of the activities contributing to the domestic content level, required by the microFIT rules and contract?

Yes. A written confirmation is needed for OPA in order to provide you with the conditional offer. Our solar systems have over 60% of domestic content requirement.

Do I have to worry about maintenance of my PV System?

The PV system doesn’t have any moving parts so the maintenance is very limited. The panels need to be rinsed with warm water every two years.

Keywords: Electricity, Renewable Energy, solar systems

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