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By: La Paloma  09-12-2011
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At any given time, when you walk in the front doors of your local La Paloma Gelatiera, you will find as many as 50 unique flavours of gelato, home-made pastries, specialty cakes, sandwiches, pizza, waffles and other desserts. Not to mention our wide array of beverages including café, cappuccino, espresso, fruit purees, juices and more!

The Process

Our Gelatiere (Ice Cream Artisans) make each product with a selection of bases imported from Italy, natural ingredients sourced locally, fresh fruit from the farmlands of Ontario.

Our products go through a pasteurization process, adding unique smoothness and creaminess to our creations. Each one of them is devotedly handcrafted with premium ingredients.

Our product is not air-injected and only our tested authentic recipes made with the finest ingredients produce the ultimate combination of flavor, richness and texture. We like to say that it is made with “love”! At La Paloma, ice cream lovers are guaranteed their little scoop of heaven.

What is Gelato?

Cool, refreshing, refined… Gelato is one of the great culinary symbols of Italy. The ancient Romans had their own version of gelato (literally "frozen pleasure") that combined pureed fruit with honey and snow. The current version was invented by the Chinese who passed it to the Arabs, who in turn passed it - along with sugar - to the Sicilians who are still considered some of the best gelato makers in the world. It wasn't until the 1500's that they learned to make it without ice or snow, and discovered the secret principal of water and salt used by hand cranked ice-cream machines today. Florentine cream and milk additions to the fruit base produced the world's first sorbets. The Italian born Queen Catherine de Medici dazzled the French court with this confection.

The Italian term gelato does not equal ice cream for several reasons:

  • Gelato is lower in fat. It contains 3 to 8 % fat, far less in comparison with ice cream, which legally must contain 17-28% fat. Gelato recipes usually call for milk rather than cream.
  • Fruit-based gelato contains almost no fat (about 0.25%).
  • Gelato is less firmly frozen and softer than ice cream (gelato is stored at approximately +8 F as opposed to ice cream at –10 F).
  • Due to lower amounts of sugar and fat, gelato is easier to digest.

Keywords: gelato, Ice Cream

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