EMC Group Limited - Municipal Engineering Services -Preparation of preliminary servicing concepts and final subdivision design

By: Emc Group  09-12-2011

With their extensive experience, EMC's staff of professional engineers and technologists offer innovative design solutions to increasing development demands. EMC's engineering staff undertake the complete design of municipal services. From the preparation of preliminary servicing concepts, to the final subdivision designs, our staff strive to ensure that developments are created to suit the needs of the municipality involved, as well as satisfy the demands of the cost conscious developer. Our staff offers a good working relationship with Municipalities, Provincial Ministries, and Conservation Authorities, which ensures that all necessary design approvals are achieved in a timely manner.

  • Land Development Engineering
  • Development feasibility studies
  • Preparation of preliminary and final servicing reports
  • Site servicing planning and engineering for residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional developments
  • Master plans
  • Primary servicing projects
  • Project inventory and analysis
  • Local improvements
  • Municipal Servicing design
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional site plan servicing design
  • Grading plan design
  • Water distribution system design
  • Sanitary drainage system design
  • Storm drainage system design
  • Storm water management analysis and pond design

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emc contadmin

Based on the approved engineering design, EMC's Contract Administration staff will carry out the procurement process, provide on-site supervision and inspection during site servicing, and process the contractor's claims for payment. EMC Group Limited carrying out the procurement process, providing on-site supervision and inspection during site servicing, and processing the contractor's claims for payment.


EMC Group Limited Zoning by-law amendments, Site Plan approvals, Variances and Consents

EMC offers various types of planning services to the private development industry, including expertise in Land Use Studies, Official Plan amendments, Block Plans, Secondary Plan design and approvals, Subdivisions and Tertiary Plans, as well as Zoning by-law amendments, Site Plan approvals, Variances and Consents.


emc projman

EMC's Project Management services involve the selection and overall co-ordination of the various sub-consultants and contractors to ensure that the necessary services are provided as economically and efficiently as possible. EMC Group Limited expediting approvals, negotiations with regulatory authorities as well as preparation and on-going monitoring of completion schedules.