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By: Durasystems  09-12-2011
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DuraWall The DuraWall system is built around a steel-faced composite panel with a non-combustible mineral fiber core. This is ideally suited for the construction of non-load bearing walls and offers an "any climate" dry installation. Of its many features the DuraWall is re-locatable and re-usable, something few fire rated wall assemblies offer.
DuraWall is available standard in an aesthetic smooth white finish. Other colours and finishes are available by special order.

Available Sizes:
4" thick - 45-min fire rated wall
6" thick - 2-hour fire rated wall
DuraWall Product Benefits:

  • Reduces installation and schedule time
  • Predictable - simple and easy to install allowing for more accurate project completion dates
  • Large manufactured components deliver consistent high standards of quality and performance
  • Total design for wall and penetrations with guaranteed performance
  • Cost competitive in many applications, both for new and retrofit projects

 Fire and Blast Resistant Walls & Doors

Passive fire protection is playing an increasingly vital role in modern construction. Built into the fabric of a building, it provides inherent fire safety and protection  by preventing the spread of flame, heat and smoke.
Passive fire protection wall and door systems will maintain the fundamental requirements of building structural stability, fire separations and offer a safe means of evacuation of a distressed building. This type of fire protection provides building occupants time to escape and firefighters a chance to save the building.
Fire Wall & Door Uses:

  • Fire Compartment walls and doors
  • Stairwell and egress enclosures
  • Elevator shafts
  • Electrical/transformer vaults
  • Ventilation shaft splitter
  • Hazardous materials enclosures
  • Fuel storage and boiler rooms
  • Cable tunnel splitter walls
  • Downstand barriers for smoke and fire
  • Acoustic reduction
  • Heat shields, screens and enclosures
  • Data/computer rooms
  • Vaults
  • Escape corridors
  • Equipment separations

DuraWall installation in progress DuraSystems Fire Door with custom matching finish

Having foreseen the threats that the world is well aware of today, DuraSystems is prepared with solutions for threats that are raised by terror organizations. 

DuraSystems prides itself in designing and implementing physical security features for all types of installations, providing blast protection for structural elements, force entry protection, pedestrian and vehicle entrances and barriers, and ventilation systems used in providing fresh air and smoke exhaust in the event of an emergency. 

DuraSystems using its vast fire and blast knowledge from other industries has developed a product line that will help to protect people and property from terrorism.  DuraSystems walls, doors and ventilation systems have been tested in highly explosive situations. By simulating explosive devices carried by either people and or vehicles DuraSystems have tested their products for blast resistance.
Ventilation systems supplying pressurization air or smoke exhaust are important for building occupants in the case of a fire or blast.  DuraSystems’ DuraDuct products have been tested for fire protection as well as structural integrity in a blast scenario.  In several blast tests with different quantities of explosives up to 9lbs of C4 the ductwork saw no issues with its ability to supply air or remove smoke.
In today`s heated security environment, protecting people and property is a large concern of many companies, organizations and governments. DuraSystems takes this concern seriously.  
Currently there is a building trend to a more “open plan” environment.  This “open plan” environment reduces the compartmentalization of building interiors, consequently providing less mitigation of the effects of a blast.  In such instances the role of protecting these spaces becomes increasingly important.
To address this issue DuraSystems used its knowledge of blast protection to develop an interior partition that would protect against the force of an air blast and glass fragments. By making small modifications to some of DuraSystems’ fire wall products, we have been able to produce a wall system that will absorb this type of force.
DuraSystems’ security blast walls have many features. The product is relatively lightweight and should not require increased structural reinforcement.  DuraSystems security walls are easy to install and are easily demountable and relocatable. One significant feature of the wall system is its post blast fire protection.
DuraSystems has tested wall and door systems with varying amounts of explosives. To simulate a vehicle bomb 200 KG (440lbs) of TNT was exploded at a distance of 20 meters (22 yards) to determine the level of protection.  Not only did the wall provide an acceptable level of protection but the DuraSystems door  was still operable.

3-Hour Ceiling / 4-Hour Ceiling:

DuraSystems is proud to introduce the industry`s ONLY cULus-listed 4-hour fire-rated ceiling!

  • Designed to meet the intent of the International Building Code (IBC) Section 509.2 - Special Provisions - Horizontal Building Separation Allowance
  • Satisfies both 3-hour fire-rated ceiling and 4-hour fire-rated ceiling requirements
  • Tested in accordance with UL 263 and ULC S101

DuraSystems` 3-hour fire-rated ceiling and 4-hour fire-rated ceiling provides unmatched performance and is a unique, cost-effective passive fire protection solution for the architectural community.

For more information on our 4-hour cULus-listed ceiling, please



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