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By: Cambio Change Management Consultants  09-12-2011
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One of the by-products of the acquisition, analysis, definition and prioritization of project requirements is the ability to properly associate development work packages (ie. project scope items) with specific releases based on feature dependencies and prioritization. Cambio project management consultants are able to assist your organization in the development of strategic software release plans which will generate the fastest return on investment and make efficient use of your development and quality assurance resources.
Cambio works with your business subject matter experts, steering committees, focus groups and the core project team to identify and record desired business / technological requirements and use cases. We can even help identify resources that are best suited to participate in the requirements gathering process depending on the objectives of you project.Cambio uses requirements surveys, usability interviews and focus groups with your subject matter experts, future system users and key stakeholders to ensure that the systems you are building meet the needs of their users as well as the organization.In order to ensure that all requirements and use cases are captured, our consultants use sophisticated requirements management software to identify, document and define interdependencies between project requirements and use cases. We do this no only so that requirements can be modified at any time and reflected immediately in the supporting documentation, but also so that the impact of future changes to requirements or use cases can be fully understood before the change is committed to.
After all requirements and use cases have been identified and recorded, Cambio will assess the acquired requirements and business processes for similarities and interdependencies that will be valuable during scope prioritization.
Once the similarities and interdependencies between requirements and use cases have been defined, a Requirements Specification Document is produced for use in the creation of the Request For Proposal and the Development Statement of Work. The requirements documentation that we provide will also allow your Solution Architect to create the Solution Architecture Documentation and your development team to create the Functional Design Document which are both blueprints for the development of your new infrastructure and custom software. Cambio uses the most advanced requirements management solution on the market to document you business requirements and use cases, and is able to produce an accurate and up-to-date requirements specification at any point during the project. Our team is even able to translate requirements from non-english speaking stakeholders into requirements that will be understood by the development team.
In order for you to create a project plan based on a defined project scope, you first need to determine the scope for each release of your software based on the priority assigned to each of the requirements identified as well as their interdependencies and similarities to other requirements. Cambio can assist your team in prioritizing requirements and defining the scope for multiple project phases / releases using sophisticated requirements traceability tools.
In addition to the development of your Requirements Specification document, Cambio can also create a Request for Proposal / Request for Quotation for situations in which you are tendering proposals from a list of preferred vendors. This document will define the project criteria and requirements in terms that are necessary for your Project Manager and development team to complete an accurate assessment of your needs and provide you with a more accurate and often cheaper fixed-fee quotation due to the quantity and quality of the details provided prior to the time of estimation and the development of the Statement of Work.
It is important when defining software requirements to include design guidelines so that the production and development teams can design a user interface that meets your expectations. Cambio is able to develop these guidelines in cooperation with your marketing and / or communications team. Doing so will reduce your overall design costs and prevent multiple mock-up iterations from slowing down your project.
During the development phase of your project and just prior to the beginning of quality assurance and user acceptance testing, the use cases that defined the workflow for your application will need to be converted into test cases so that your quality assurance team will be able to test all software features and processes for defects. Cambio is able to easily convert your documented use cases into test cases with primary and alternate workflows. If Cambio was engaged to aquire and document your project requirements and use cases, we will be able to develop your test cases in less than 50% of the time that it usually takes due to the capabilities of our in-house requirements management system.
Business requirements are seldom finalized before the development phase begins. That is why most software is developed and deployed over multiple phases / releases. It is extremely important that the identification, analysis, documentation and communication of changes to requirements continue throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. Cambio can effectively manage changes in project requirements and ensure that changes are communicated to the relevant project team members in a timely manner. Access to our requirements management system will be provided to your organization for the purpose of submitting change requests, collaborating on project requirements, reviewing requirements and their interdependencies, and the automated delivery of requirements and use case change notifications.
Once all of the defects have been resolved by your quality assurance team, you will need to prepare your staff / users to incorporate the new system as well as its processes into their daily work routine. Cambio can prepare process workflow diagrams and documentation to assist your staff in understanding the processes that will govern their work. This is only one aspect of successful organizational change management and will complement the other software and process training tools described below.
It is extremely important to adequately document how a person is to use your software on a use case by use case basis. The user manual is an excellent reference document for new employees as well as existing employees that need to refresh their memory on the proper use of the system. Whether your user manual is provided as part of the user interface or as a separate document, it will be an invaluable learning and reference tool for the users of your software.
The best way to train your staff in the proper use of your software is to provide short software demonstration videos that visually show a user how to accomplish specific tasks. These training videos go hand-in-hand with your user manual and provide an excellent way of training new employees quickly and at a time and place that is conducive to learning. This training method allows people to learn at their own pace and to review steps for task completion as many times as is necessary without increasing training costs. Most people learn best by observing others and repeating what they have seen instead of following a set of steps hidden within a manual. Cambio can produce software training demonstration videos to complement your in-person training sessions and ensure easy access to software training across your organization.
As part of your software and process training regimen, your organization may wish to test your staff on the new processes they will be expected to follow to see how well people have been trained and whether additional training is required. Cambio can develop and host online tests that will aid in your ability to ensure that new business processes are understood and adhered to throughout your organization.
You will only know whether your software development project is successful when you are able to sit down and speak to those people who use it on a daily basis. Cambio is able to create online user experience surveys and lead in-person focus groups to determine what your users like and dislike about the solution you have built for them. This feedback will be invaluable in the planning of future software features and process changes, and is essential to the effectiveness of your solution and the overall efficiency of your organization.

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Cambio consultants use sophisticated requirements management software to manage requirements and use case interdependencies, and can not only determine the overall impact of any change request, but generate accurate and up-to-date documentation at any time during the course of the project.