By: Avro Pet Hospital  09-12-2011
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At Avro Pet Hospital we provide; variety of veterinary services for both cats and dogs.  In addition to annual checkups, vaccinations, and wellness evaluations, our veterinary hospital is equipped and designed to provide the best medical care available for our valued patients.
Here is summary of the services we offer. (Be sure to contact us to discuss your pet’s specific need. Your pet’s needs will be an integral part of our treatment plan).

Wellness and Annual Examination:

The annual exam is where we catch things before they become serious, and expensive. We offer a complete range of physical examinations from initial puppy or kitten examinations, to geriatric examinations.


Vaccination programs are designed to protect your pet against diseases, and will significantly increase your pet’s likelihood of living a normal healthy life.


At Avro pet hospital we strongly recommend pre-surgical examinations and blood tests to assess the patient’s general health, to receive anesthesia and finally undergo the surgical procedure. Here at Avro Pet Hospital,we provide various surgical procedures.
For our valued patients, we also have a board certified surgeon available for specialized surgical procedures. Some surgical procedures that we offer are listed below:
  1. Spay ( Sterilization of female cats and dogs)
  2. Neuter ( Sterilization of  male cats and dogs)
  3. Tumor removal
  4. Wound repair
  5. Cat De-claw
  6. Biopsy
  7. Selected fracture repair
  8. Cranial cruciate ligament repair


We recognize that every patient is different, and therefore an individualized anesthetic and pain management plan will be determined for each of our patients.  We strongly recommend a pre-anesthetic screening blood test and an examination before your pet is anesthetised.

Laboratory Services:

We use “IDEXX “Veterinary laboratory Services and consult to make sure the laboratory evaluation is thorough and accurate.


Our in house state of art radiograph equipment allows us to quickly and safely take the X-ray we need to make a proper diagnosis.


Ultrasonography or ultrasound is a Non-invasive, Non-painful diagnostic technique, that allows visualization of deep structures inside body for variety of purposes, including an examination of  the liver, kidney, heart, bladder, and detecting fluid, tumor, bladder stones, or abscess inside the abdomen.Board certified Veterinary internist performs all of our ultrasounds.


70-85 % of dogs and cats show signs of oral diseases by age 3 (The American Veterinary Dental Society). Therefore pet dental care is an integral part of your pet’s optimal well-being. We offer ultrasonic teeth cleaning,teeth polishing, tooth extractions, and some minor oral surgeries.


To be able to provide better service to you and your pet, our in-house pharmacy is well-stocked with inventory from medications, supplements, flea and tick control products, to prescription diets, and heart worm medication.  Microchip Placement: A microchip implant is about the same size as a large grain of rice and is placed by needle, underneath the skin of dogs and cats. It is a safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as his / her owner. If a pet goes missing and has been transported to a shelter or veterinary clinic, they will be able to scan the lost pet and contact the owner immediately, therefore resulting the safe return of your pet.

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