DM3500 Package Dimensioning System

By: Accu-sort Systems  09-12-2011

Not Everything You Ship Fits Neatly Into A Box.

Accu-Sort’s ‘outside the box dimensioning’ solution enables the DM3500-IR to dimension irregular-shaped items.

The Accu-Sort Irregular Dimensioning System is designed to provide the length, width and height dimensions of both cuboidal and irregularly shaped items running on belts up to 60” wide. The system uses a combination of two omnidirectional laser barcode scanners, two or three high-accuracy DM3500-IR dimensioners and a control computer to provide package barcode data and dimension data that is useful for everything from trailer load planning to revenue recovery.

Our irregular dimensioning systems provide the length, width, and height data of what’s known as the smallest “bounding box”; an imaginary cuboidal shape that encloses the entire object. With cuboidal objects such as standard shipping cartons in good condition, the bounding box corresponds to measurements along the edges of the carton’s length, width and height. However, with an irregularly-shaped object (automotive muffler or bumper, plastic pail, tires, ladders, etc.), determining the bounding box requires more analysis. The measuring system must process the complete object to determine the longest length, widest width and tallest height even though these measurements may vary greatly along the length of object.

Also available: NCWM/NTEP certified irregular dimensioning systems.

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