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By: Human Potential Plus  09-12-2011

The ability for people to get along will determine the success of your organization and your bottom line.

Brian is a dyamic powerful speaker that directly addresses the complexity of human problems that interfere with people achieving objectives and performing at their hightest possible level. His speaking allows people an insightful look into how they create the misery they find within the workplace, and how they take the pressure and responsibility off themselves and blame others.

Brian’s speaking will address..

1.  What people do under pressure.
2.  What it means to be a high performer
3.  The definition of an effective psychology
4.  The identification of ineffective psychology
5.  The power of choice.
6.  The introduction to the conditions for quality and teamwork.
7.  The habits that destroy relationships within the workplace
Cost: $1000 - $10000 per lectureBook Brian as a speaker for an event at your organization, contact us for a quote & more information.
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