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By: Emblemtek  09-12-2011

How can our products embellish, decorate, identify and maintain your garments and textile items? For every situation, there can sometimes be more than one method to obtain the results and look you need to fulfill your customers requirements. There may even be some constraints with respect to design complexity, garment type, quantity and budget. Use our Solutions portfolio to see how some of our products can be used, and to obtain further insight, knowledge and marketing ideas with the alternatives that are available to you.


To build a lasting business relationship with a company that is open to understanding your individual needs, and that is determined to provide you with solid solutions, you sometimes need to look past the age or length of service of that operation. Partnering with the older of two companies is not always the natural path. Sometimes, digging deeper to understand the commitment and openness of a solution provider illustrates why they may be a market leader. Their strengths may not come from being the least expensive source, but rather their true mark may lie in the standards they set for themselves, their global partners, their allies and their valued customers.

These are some key points to consider when choosing a supplier for you emblem, labeling and transfer solutions.

  • What are their core values?
  • Do they empower a true customer service plan?
  • Do they have manufacturing operations in North America?
  • Are they manufacturing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week?
  • Do they offer service in English and in French?
  • How accessible are they?
  • Do they have packaged sample programs that you rely on?
  • Do they offer extensive artwork and pre-production sample services?
  • Do they have a broad range of product solutions available to their customers?
  • Can you order emblems and other products online?
  • How flexible are they to rush order situations?
  • Do they charge design or set-up fees for their embroidered emblems?
  • What minimum unit order quantities do they offer?
  • Do they produce emblem and transfer products made with industrial grade materials?
  • Are their products backed by detailed technical information?
  • Do they routinely test their products?
  • Do they have a strong environmental policy in place?
  • Are they globally aligned with other industry leaders?
  • Can they offer their customers reporting and performance feedback?