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By: Cision Canada 240  09-12-2011

Designed for PR People, by PR People

CisionPoint is not only effective. It's easy. Really, it is. It manages all of your PR activities from one place. Gives you more ways to find more contact info than you knew existed. And lets you share coverage with your team. Other PR apps only let you do one thing at a time. Not the case with CisionPoint. With our multiple workspaces for multitasking we've got you covered. Juggling hundreds of things at one time? Now it's a snap. CisionPoint does exactly what you need it to. Which shouldn't come as any surprise since CisionPoint is designed by PR people who know the challenges you face every day. And the best ways to overcome them.

Real Integration. Really.

It's Like a CRM for PR Pros

All the Data You'll Ever Need

Powered by the world's largest media database, CisionPoint has more information on more people in more places than any other source in the world. That's right. In the world. And, since all this data doesn't add up to much if you don't have the tools to interpret it, CisionPoint comes with the analytical tools to take a deep dive into the numbers and come up with solid conclusions relevant to your client, product, message or brand

Global Power

From San Francisco to Sao Paulo - and everywhere in between - CisionPoint gives you the power to connect with a global audience. Optimized for multinational clients, it has international media data with more global contacts, more outlets, more detailed profiles than any other solution. And if you think that's great, wait till you see the number of international editorial opportunities including forward features. And that all adds up to easier communication worldwide. But maybe fewer frequent flyer miles.

What Are You Waiting For?

CisionPoint is so flexible, so easy to use, so comprehensive, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. But don't ask us. That's one question we can't answer.

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