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By: Webtrix  09-12-2011

Harness the power of the web using databases
and e-commerce, to give your own staff, suppliers
and customers access to up-to-date information


Webtrix develops and designs your website online, and as the site takes shape, we can put the pages on our own web server at a location known only to you. That way you can be fully involved in the site as it develops. We can also create Administrative areas of the website, whereby you can add or edit certain information to your website. Webtrix allows you to
  • Provide input as the site develops
  • Refine the site during the testing stages
  • Give quick approvals of design and content
  • Test electronic forms and database collection before launch
Everything to do with your website must be interactive. Webtrix designs its sites to direct browsers from dozens of search engines, directories and other websites related to your particular subject and business. Effective interactivity will:
  • Deliver viewers to your website
  • Encourage them to stay and move around the site
  • Encourage visitors to supply critical information and contact information
  • Allow direct interaction with associates, suppliers or customers
  • Provide reciprocal links to other complementary websites
The Internet is a constantly changing medium and, at Webtrix, we make a point of keeping ourselves up-to-date with all changes and developments. As a result, we are always in a position to advise you before investing in new website technologies. We can also provide training for your staff to take over routine updating and maintenance of your website, should you wish to do this.

Webtrix can perform a regular report and analysis of your site, so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your web pages. This way we can pin-point weaknesses, and make you aware of new elements or technologies that might be appropriate for your website to boost the activities of your organization, and at the same time, reduce traditional overhead costs.

Webtrix uses the latest technology for multimedia
design and programming, and will recommend
the appropriate web tools for your organization

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