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By: Mac Roberts & Associates  09-12-2011
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NEW!   - meeting the challenges of Ontario's new workplace violence and harrasment law 

Through our unique offerings we help clients apply a "Joint Venture" approach to all phases of their change effort: initiation, implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement. We take a very practical and principled approach to the complex area of personal and organizational change. Our work is based on personal experience combined with systems thinking frameworks that help clients:

  • Gain new perspectives on familiar issues & opportunities and then apply those perspectives in their particular circumstances

  • Achieve the changes in capability and performance necessary to their continued growth and success.

  • Ensure the most cost effective, value-added support for your change effort by utilizing internal resources, our extended client network and our own expertise and experience

 Interest Based Bargaining & Beyond  

 Joint Ventures in Continuous Improvement for Union & Management

Are union-management relations in your organization a source of frustration or a vehicle for constructive change?

We will help you:

  • Improve the outcomes of negotiations, grievance resolution and all other union–management interactions for all stakeholders.

  • Work collaboratively without compromising the strength or the integrity of either union or management.

  • Build relationships that will allow expanded opportunities to work together for the benefit of people and the business.

Services we provide include:

  • Labour Relations Culture Change

  • Facilitated Interest Based Bargaining

  • Strategic Planning For Unions

  • ADR / Mediation

  • Human rights & harassment training & dispute resolution

  • Joint committee commissioning, facilitation & development

 Targeting Zero Together

 Pursuing Excellence In

Occupational Health & Safety Is your organizations’ Health & Safety performance World Class?

We will help you:

  • Improve your organization’s safety culture and establish safety as a priority for managers and employees.

  • Enable employees to go home each day as safe and healthy as they arrived at the beginning of the day.

  • Reduce your health & safety related costs.

  • Improve your organization’s effectiveness & image.

Services we offer include:

  • Facilitating a joint process that will lead to vastly improved performance and engage your people in pursuing excellence in health & safety.

  • Helping you implement safety management systems and processes which can be used as a model for managing performance in other key result areas.

  • Provide training on topics including legislative requirements ( i.e. Bill C45), safety management tools, systems & processes.

  • ISO 9001/14001 and OH&S 18001 implementation.

 Continuous Improvement Culture 

   Everyone Focused on Adding More Value & Eliminating Waste   

Does your organization have the agility and responsiveness needed to remain healthy, viable and competitive?

We will help you enhance your organization’s ability to:

  • Develop and implement internationally recognized quality and delivery systems to continually improve your competitive position

  • Increase customer satisfaction, quality, delivery and profitability while reducing costs a waste across the organization

  • Build a culture of commitment & accountability for continuous improvement

We offer training, consulting and coaching in:

  • Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Service Quality Management

  • ISO 9001/14001 and OH&S 18001 implementation

  • "Lean Not Mean" production/service systems development

  • Continuous process improvement tools and strategies

 High Performance - High Integrity Leaders & Teams

 Developing, Engaging & Aligning the Full Potential of Leaders & Teams

Are people in your organization ready, willing and able to collaborate and contribute to the best of their ability?

We can help you build effective individuals & teams who are:

  • Aligned with respect to purpose, goals, principles & priorities

  • Inspired, enthusiastic, empowered stakeholders

  • Seeing possibilities and looking for opportunities

  • Persistent & resilient in the face of obstacles

  • Collaborative, supportive and mutually respectful

We will help you improve effectiveness through:

  • Assessment & planning organizational change

  • Leadership development workshops

  • Team development workshops

  • Facilitating the evolution to self-sustaining teams

  • Designing & facilitating meetings & group processes

  • Coaching of individuals & teams

 Bill 168 Obligations & Opportunities

 Meeting the Challenges of Ontario's New Workplace Violence and Harassment Law

Ontario is now enforcing OHSA Bill 168 with Respect to Workplace violence and Harassment - Is Your Workplace Ready?

  1. Do you have a program to implement the policies and procedures for workplace violence and harassment? 
  2. Do you have written workplace violence and harassment policies and procedures?
  3. Have your employees been trained and provided with the relevant information and instructions regarding workplace violence and harassment?
  4. Is there an employee reporting procedure for incidents, threats or complaints available to them in the workplace?
  5. Do you have an incident reporting procedure available in your workplace?  
  6. Do you have a process to deal with complaints, threats or incidents of violence and harassment in your workplace?
  7. Have you conducted a risk assessment for violence in your workplace?
  8. Do you have an emergency response procedure available for incidents of workplace violence?

We can help you comply with Bill 168 requirements and help you prevent violence and harassment in the workplace. We can:

  • Coach and mentor you in the design, development and implementation of all required programs, policies, procedures and the other compliance requirements.

  • Provide specific educational seminars for your organizational needs.

  •   Provide qualified “workplace investigators” to conduct formal investigations for any incidents, threats or complaints you may have regarding violence or harassment in your workplace.

Keywords: Dispute Resolution, joint venture

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