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By: Superior Soapnuts  09-12-2011
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This is the perfect size if you want to give soapnuts a try. There are five soapnuts in a premium quality muslin wash bag.  


1 wash bag included


2 wash bags included

Wash bags

$0.50 each

Premium quality muslin bags

Wash bags by the dozen


Interested in starting your own business or purchasing

Superior Soapnuts for your current business? 

In an effort to conserve, we may use recycled packaging!

   Respect   Rethink   Reduce   Reuse Recycle   Restore

Superior Soapnuts packages the 500g and 100g sizes in cotton bags                      with instructions for use printed on the back!

Superior Soapnuts Hand/Body Soapnut Bar

(for sensitive skin)

made exclusively for Superior Soapnuts by

Contains: Distilled Water, Coconut Oil,

Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Olive Oil,

Castor Seed Oil, Soapnut Saponin

TowTabs - all natural, biodegradable wipes in a small tablet which transforms into an additive-free towlette when mixed with half an ounce of water.  Made of all-natural, biodegradable rayon fiber. Carry them camping, hiking, biking, in the car...everywhere!

Our commitment to you: If your order does not warrant the use/cost of express post, and can be shipped at a lesser price by lettermail or expedited parcel, we will ship your order by the least costly method, and issue a partial refund of shipping/handling costs.

Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Bar

These all natural , 100% biodegradable bars work wonders on grass, grease, blood, red wine, ink, ring around the collar, underarm stains, berry juice, ketchup, and SO much more!

Made in Canada!

It REALLY works!

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Keywords: wash bags