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By: Itmatter  09-12-2011
Keywords: Imap Servers

» Portal & Blog Online Services
» Print-To-Web Solutions

Our leading edge print-to-web and e-commerce processing system is used nation wide by franchise stores to order and process millions of flyers, menus, key cards and any other printed material that can be visually customized in real-time by the customer throughout the checkout process.  
» E-Commerce Solutions

Our E-Commerce solution comprises of catalog and offer management, access and customer management, order management and fulfillment work flow, order accounting and bookkeeping, charge card payment processing, and FedEx shipping estimation components.From small and medium projects, to web sites that do tens of thousands of dollars per hour, we have done it all. Let us show you how and share our extensive experience in online business.  
» Microsoft .NET Framework & Linux Integration Solutions

Most of our software is written in Microsoft .NET and is fully compatible with Linux platform and services utilized to run all backend services such as DNS, mail, file and data servers hosted on 1TB disk arrays providing real-time data redundancy and fail-over. 
» Webmail, Contacts and Calendaring Solutions

Our goal has always been to provide simple and hassle-free online services and software applications for anyone - from business clients to home users. Simply configure our solution to point to your IMAP servers and you are in business. 
» SMTP & IMAP Software API
» MailLogic.NET SMTP & POP3 Server Benchmark Tools
Mail server performance tools developed to stress test and collect various performance metrics. These tools are made available upon request to our partners and clients. 


Keywords: Imap Servers

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ITMATTER offers consulting services dealing with technology platforms helping organizations to implement and sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace. In additional to consulting and software development services, we provide services dealing with business processes, data retention and management. On behalf our clients we perform research and development services, plans and execution strategies, risk management and loss prevention.