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By: Clochase  09-12-2011


We do not view ourselves at Clochase as a consulting company – we are a solutions enablement company. The primary difference is that we focus on the definition and delivery of client solutions first and foremost and look at charge-out and hour allocation and staff utilizations secondary.

While not a new company, in comparison to some we are still fairly new. We are currently completing our sixth year as Clochase. The roots of Clochase go back another eight (8) years when one of the founders began working for a large Canadian telecommunications company. In 2005 this telecomm experience was augmented with development experience from process industries and Clochase was born. This merge of two separate industry solution development backgrounds provided a unique perspective to the early projects that we undertook. We learned to combine the flexibility and technology adoption common in the process industries with the solid foundation and rigorous business practices found in telecomm and used this to build the core DNA of our teams. This evolved to the business practices that we have today – each with a view to what's new and how it can benefit our clients while undertaking the appropriate reviews and prototyping to ensure that these trends are leading edge and not bleeding edge.

Businesses face a fine line between doing what is safe and comfortable and not falling behind their competition. At Clochase we can help you to see the possibilities and let you evaluate what is right for you. One area in which is starting to happen a lot is Cloud Computing. It seems that there are many definitions around what Cloud is; how companies can and should adopt it; and the degree to which it should be applied in selected industries.

We like to break Cloud down into its components for our clients (SaaS – Software as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service, and IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service) and help them to understand what Cloud means to them now, in the next 12-18 months, and over the next 3 years.

As you read through the services that we provide we trust that you will see that we are not just like the other guys. We are what the other guys should be.

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Clochase Inc - Solutions

The selection of service providers, business discussions related to sourcing the service, deployment architecture, and solution implementation have become intensive activities for Telcos in the last few years as they strive to increase subscriber counts and reduce churn.