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By: Research Casting  09-12-2011
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A Complete Suite of World Class Museum Services

Research Casting International (RCI) specializes in providing museums around the world with technical services. Our general services are:

Exhibit restoration, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, specimen collection, fossil cleaning, preparation, matrix removal, consolidation and reconstruction.

Fossil and Cast mounting, Armature making for all types of specimens, blacksmithing, metal fabrication, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and mirror imaging.

Heavy specimen relocation, fragile specimen relocation, collection from the field, rigging, design, engineering, packing and crating, temporary storage, welding and metal fabrication.

Molding and casting of fossils, archeological artifacts and geologic structures in a variety of materials and methods.

RCI maintains a full time staff of artisans and craftsmen, including sculptors, blacksmiths, carpenters, and painters.

The Company also maintains a full time project management staff and takes responsibility for all aspects of commissioned projects. RCI has managed over 250 projects for museums around the world since its inception in 1987.

RCI has mounted twenty-one Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons including molding and casting seven casts of ‘Sue’ and mounting five ‘Sue’ skeletons, twenty Sauropod skeletons including five Diplodocus, one Apatosaurus, and two Barosaurus and a rearing five-story tall Barosaurus defending its youngster from an attacking Allosaurus, the tallest free-standing dinosaur mount in the world in the main rotunda of the American Museum of Natural History.

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Other products and services from Research Casting


Research Casting International - Molding and Casting

Many projects have to be engineered for safety in public spaces we can supply the engineer with the specifications and many times suggest the material solutions to successfully put items on public display that may have seemed impossible. Columns in Pompei, the only western company allowed into the 3 Gorges to make molds before flooding, paleo Indian artifacts and more recent discoveries from saloons in the wild west.


Research Casting International - Fossil Mounting

All of the projects that we have worked on in the past have involved cleaning and consolidating fossil material, sculpting missing bones and then mounting the skeletons with either an external armature in which all the bones are removable or a combination of external and internal armatures in which the bones are removable in varying degrees.


Research Casting International - Fossil Preparation and Fossil Restoration

We can also enlarge, reduce, mirror-image, 'correct' geological distortion and digitally sculpt missing parts to provide much more accurate reconstructions than traditional sculpting techniques. We have had experience handling many types of fossil from the very hard Jurassic fossils to the softer Cretaceous fossils and the incredibly fragile Sauropod fossils from Malawi.