Party Poppers

By: Party Poppers  09-12-2011
Keywords: Packaging, Retail Display, Confetti Poppers

Each Confetti Blaster retail display contains 12 Confetti Blasters. Retail displays measure 58 cm tall x 21 cm wide x 15 cm in depth. These counter displays are colorful and eye-catching.

Each Confetti Blaster operates easily by gripping it with both hands, twist and turn.. it's that easy. Compressed air blasts the streamers and colorful paper up to 25 feet in the air.

Display units are packaged 12 Confetti Blasters per display and case packaged 6 per box.

Each Confetti Popper retail display contains 12 Confetti Poppers. Retail displays measure 30 cm tall x 21 cm wide x 15 cm in depth. Confetti Poppers come packed with 12 Confetti Poppers per retail display and 3 retail displays per case. Both The Confetti Blaster and the Confetti Popper are great money makers and take up very little display area. The can be placed upon cash counters, near larger displays or almost anywhere.

Due to their brilliant, colorful packaging, they can't be missed. These items are very popular among children for school dances, raves and parties. Adults will thrill with these items at birthdays, anniversaries or almost any celebration you can think of.

Keywords: Confetti Blasters, Confetti Poppers, Packaging, Retail Display,