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By: Martin Design And Drafting Studios  09-12-2011

Martin Design & Drafting Studios shall impose a total quality of work and attention to detail. We are committed to the client's best interest. Dennis is an adviser, designer, technical educator and agent for the client to provide the service required.

General Note:
Scope of work  varies with each projects. There are standard groups of services with most projects but they may also be requested individually.

Initial Consultation – The preliminary meeting shall be for the purpose of establishing a relationship. The services required will be assessed and proposed in a written contract. This consultation may develop into the first design meeting or other consultation service.

Site Analysis – any service involving existing structures require site assessment. This may include several types of measurements and photo records. The analysis covers this and also the general evaluation of land being developed. Soil conditions, landscape, By-Law requirements, and other authority regulations are also some examples of the assessment.

Consultation – involves meetings to identify specific or general situations. There are a wide range of consultation services. The direction they take is based on a case by case.

Design Meetings – a more involved process to understand the needs and communicate the intent of the design required by the client. This is a stage of discussing, sketching and sometimes visiting the project location. They can take place in the office of Martin Design & Drafting Studios, at the client's place of residence or at the contractor's office. There is a minimum number of meetings (usually three), required for average design projects. The meetings are also arranged to include two hours each to allow enough time for the process (this may vary pending the scope of work).

Design Drawings – are created as per the discussions communicated during the design meetings. They may be modified with following design meeting requests. The minimum number of design drawings is specified during the initial meeting and in the contract .

Construction Meetings – material choices and construction techniques are important to decipher before and during the building process. Time requirements for these meetings are also discussed upon the initial consultation if part of the project.

Construction Drawings – include at least the minimum required drawings as stipulated by the local official. Further detail drawings may be required for specific projects. Quantities of set copies are stipulated in each contract. Additional copies are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Specification – most projects include specifications in the form of notes within the drawings. They may otherwise be requested individually or in part with another service. They may also become a required element in addition to some construction plan sets (pending scope of the project).

Monitoring – this service is to assist the client in monitoring the progress of the project. The requirement can be as simple as documenting by means of photo and as involved as recording construction materials and installation techniques.

Technical Reports/Letter – an available service that requires a detailed written explanation, recommendation or where drawings may or may not be required.

Research and Development – provided to the general public, contractors and developers where there is a task, product or funding program available, in need of further investigation. The results may be provided in an informative letter or possibly in the form of a report.

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