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By: Solutions In Context  09-12-2011

We help you capture your Business Rules, design System Rules to support them and implement them into your Production operation in manageable releases.

We define and manage business rules using a rule specification consisting of:

  • Business Rule Source Items,
  • Business Context Statements which document the existence of relationship/association between business entities (terms),
  • Business Rule Statements which are structured expressions of the constraint/permission and
  • Cross references between them.

The “business rule” is the business intention/requirement and is expressed/documented in the Business Rule Source Item. The Business Context Statements describe the contextual relationship identified from the Business Source Item and the constraints/permissions are reflected or articulated in layers of Business Rule Statements (Policy, Process, Procedure).

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We have developed a style and culture that is focused on delivering end-user value by building/integrating a thin client specific interface upon common infrastructure and services. Success is going live as elegantly as feasible with practical, real implementation of business value in the short run that supports/enables the long term strategy and journey.