Thermal Protective Packaging - AC Ultra Technology

By: Tppi  09-12-2011

We try to partner with next generation companies to provide product solutions for Green packaging initiatives that focus on increased durability and functionality. PolyIso HCFC/CFC free technology provides increased durability and an environmentally safe alternative to traditional shipping materials. 

Shipping medicine or other temperature sensitive materials should not be synonymous with the destruction of our planet. In the past, package contruction material products sometimes violated this common sense approach. Not by desire, of course, but by lack of knowledge and technology.

Today that has begun to change. In recent years, manufacturers have been challenged, and increasingly mandated to make the manufacturing process more environmentally-friendly, specifically regarding products such as package insulation, and to address making products more green and longer-lasting.

At TPPI we believe that our environment is our most important asset and we strive to challenge our parters to produce "Green Firendly" products ahead of the curve.

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Thermal Protective Packaging - Temperature Profiles

This information is critical to ensure that the correct package is selected or designed to ensure temperature sensitive materials are properly protected during the shipping process. We have worked for our customers from developing protocols for the collection of data to educating our customers in understanding their distribution process.


Thermal Protective Packaging - Thermal and Protective Testing

TPPI is well positioned to not only meet regulatory requirements for shipping temperature sensitive materials but we feel we provide value through the testing phase by ensuring the testing is done right the first time. The requirements for shipping temperature sensitive materials will continue to be more and more regulated as the bar is raised for protecting products during transportation.


Thermal Protective Packaging - Product and Services

We also supply a variety of specialized containers using standard or alternate materials providing solutions customized to suit your specific needs as well as a variety of pre-tested containers that can provide an immediate solution to your temperature sensitive shipping requirements.


Thermal Protective Packaging - Package Development

Our partners include some of the industries best package designers and testing laboratories ensuring a high degree of quality and results from the final packages. Whether there is a need to ship thermally sensitive product or a requirement to protect your products, TPPI can provide the best solutions.