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SollerSoft Consulting Services help our clients to be capable of aligning technology with their business objectives. As a result, SollerSoft does more than simply throw technology experts or low-cost technical people at the problem.
SollerSoft Consulting Services focus on solutions that deliver total business integration. We offer business consulting, technology skills, and enterprise application expertise to help our customers extend, enhance, and leverage new and existing IT investments. We provide our customers with solutions and technology infrastructure delivering not only cost advantages, but also, lasting strategic value.
Our consulting services are delivered on-site as required, or remotely via web-based collaboration tools when appropriate. We help our customers implement best practices for software development, IT system management, and business process management.
Typical initial objectives:

  • implementing an effective metrics program - collecting simple and reliable metrics that assist in making sound business decisions,

  • obtaining predictable results from IT programs and projects,

  • ensuring that software systems are fit for purpose by introducing an agile, incremental approach that provides stakeholders with a tool to keep projects aligned with business objectives.

We have worked with clients to develop software applications and deliver IT Infrastructure related services for the following industries: Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Utility, Accounting, and Retail.

We recognize that in the information age, a large contributing factor to the success of companies is their software. As such, we develop custom software for companies that are serious about competing and getting ahead. When developing custom software for our clients, we place a lot of emphasis on architecture and design so that the software we develop is going to be efficient, scalable, fault tolerant, and easy to maintain and evolve.
We are focusing on developing software that tight fits the requirements of the clients depending upon their business needs. Unlike commercial, "off-the-shelf” solutions that change the business process to fit the software requirements, these applications are custom developed to fit your business environment.

SollerSoft's professionals offers a strong team consisting of project managers, business consultants, software engineers and programmers, quality assurance and testers, designers and technical writers. Our experience in developing applications in various languages and on various platforms allows us to make judicious decisions while selecting platform and designing software architecture. Our consulting approach would also suggest any process improvements that are needed to leverage the technology as much as possible.
Our software development services includes:
  • Client/Server applications

  • Distributed applications

  • Component development

  • End-to-end web based/e-commerce systems

  • Comprehensive business solutions

Transparent project management and change management ensures that our client is involved at all levels of the development cycle. We understand the urgency to realize your investment in IT, so we ensure that the deliverables are defined in phases relevant to the business needs. Our efficient management of overheads expenditures like travel and communication costs enables us to deliver effective solutions within budget and on time.
Our key advantages developing software products:

  • Technical team with both communicational abilities and high motivation, able to understand your business goals

  • Unique iterative methodology, aimed particularly at product development, and perfected over our 6 year experience

  • Exhaustive Testing - both automated and manual. SollerSoft is well-versed in employing various automated testing tools.

  • Proven product development expertise across a wide range of sectors & technologies.
    Ability to respond to your needs of capacity and technical skills in a very short time.

Infrastructure plays a critical role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises and extended enterprises.
Our infrastructure services include traditional server centric solutions, desktop and distributed computing, network operations and monitoring, asset management, service delivery management, e-commerce and collaborative computing.
SollerSoft's Infrastructure Services solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs and environment. We don't just offer a pre-packaged response. We spend the time to ensure that the products and services we provide meet your needs every step of the way. As an experienced integrator, we work with many different companies, types of software, and toolsets. This results in a solution with the best combination of products for your needs, and the ability to leverage what you already have.
Infrastructure Security is also a key component of our Infrastructure Services. Security is not one size fits all, that is why we tailor our security services to your requirements. We offer a wide range of security services to assist you with any aspect of your information security requirements.

We provide a full range of hardware and software support based services, onsite and off-site including Monitoring services, Remote management and Service level support.

Outsourcing work to offshore development centers has become the norm of the day. Software Development is the heart of automation. Offshore software development is the art of cutting costs without compromising quality. A comprehensive software development process is a time-consuming work. You don't need to dedicate your valuable expensive human resources to carry it out. You could outsource the process to the company that has skilled personnel ready to do that job at a fraction of your possible development costs. SollerSoft creates measurable benefits of offshore software services basing on optimal technological solutions and high quality of offshore software development.
SollerSoft deals in integrating software applications and provides offshore software development with the latest technological skills.


Keywords: Infrastructure Services